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conferrable milking tvith God. =wo become the very defperate cut-throats to the power of godlineffe , and pc flilent conflimption of the fpirits , heart, and life of true zeale. Thefe fellowes are molt infolent, and confident in their Pharifaicall brags , fpirituall lecuritie , and hopes for Heaven. They admire , and applaude with much felfe-eilimation of their fingular skill, and rare felicities in pitching juft upon the golden meane , as they conceive , be- tweene prophanencife and precifeneffe ; infamous notori- oufneffe and perfecured firitineffe. But that Proverbe , in the ineane time faller pat upon their pates t There is a ge- Prov.3o. negationthat arepure in their owne eyes : and yet is not walh- ed ,frorn theirflithinefe : And at length moit certainely , the just execution of that terrible commination , Revel. 3.16. will crufh their hearts with everlafting horrour , confufion and woe. But I fhould be endleffe in the difcovery of this hidden and Ian gulph of hypocrifie , wherein thoulands are fwallowed up, even in this glorious Mid-day of the Gof- pell. For a man may atToone finde out the way of anEagle in the Aire, the way ofa Serpent upon a Rocke, , the way of a Ship in the tnidil of the Sea , and the way of a man witha wide , as to tracke the cunning and crooked footiteps of this foule fiend in the falfe hearts ofSatans followers. Onely take notice , that thou calf} never poffibly delight in God, or ever comfortably come mere him , if thou give any en: tertainement unto it ; in what forme foever it reprefent it Celle , or whatioever vizor it offers unto thee , though no. ver fo fairely varnifbed , and guilded over with the Dive's angelical' glory. I I I. Build, and erect all thy refolutionsand conclutions for Heaven and Gods fervice , upon that ftrong and pureff b rdcm6t 6 Pillar,that twine, and moil precious b Principle of Chtiftia- Lord Itfite bi4lfes, Luk z 4 26s&c. 40 itfintdatnentol Rote of chriaisaltie, Advert-us parentes, ariverfus liberos, aciverfusnaturalem cognatio. nem,contrauniverfurn Orbem terrarum, contra ipfam etiam animam pugnam indietr, argue aciem effe infiruendam oftendit, aryl: Mat. Hom.36. Paul calls it, The very fPirit of our &tykeof Godt without which ali our other Religion, bee it neverjo*iota andgoodly, is nomore lively, nay, to as very a car- calRets the body *fa men,dellituteofthat fiale,which maketh it reafineble, anddifflring from allother bodies. It wasfiguredby the Bolocaufi of the Law, which ggrified theratifies of the/leg, the crucifyingof be .14 tildam,R,o41.11.t. See WOColoff.3.5,Mat.s.29,3o. E nide,