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Ga2erail direolionsfor 4 Selfe.dmiall. No walking with God , no fweet corn- minion, and found peace at his Mercy. Seate, except for his faire, and keeping a good confcience , thou bee content to dcnic thy felfe, thy woridly wifedome, naturall wit, carnall reafon, acceptation with the world, excellencie of learning, favour of great Ones , cAit and applaufe with the moft ; thy paffions , profit, pleafiires, preferments, neerePc friends, cafe, libertie, life, every thing, any thing. And feare no loffe ; for all things elle are nothing,to the leaf}comfortable glimpfc of Gods pleated face. From this Principle fprung all thole noble refolutions ; and replies of Gods worthieft Saints and Souidiers : That of Heiler for th *prefervation ofthe people ofGod : Well, fieft.4a faith Thee , 1 will goe in unto the King , which is rot accor- ding to the law, and if I perilh, I perils. That of Micaiab, folicited flrongly by the meffenger to temporize; in mana- ging his M:niftery with fittablencffe , and conformity to the Kings pleafure , and plaufibleneffe of the falfe prophets iaing.a2.g4. As the Lord lived), what the Lord faith, unto mee, that will grebe G.1.*,. I fieake. That of Nehemiah; Should inch a man as I flee? As if bee fhould have laid ; Tell not mee of fleeing, my re- folution was pitcht long ago e, if need require, to lay downe my life, and loofe my blood in the Lords batteis. That of Pani,when his friends were weeping,ancl wailing about him: Aassa.n3 What ;maneyou i'ove,epe , faith he, and tobreake, mine heart ? For I am ready not to bee bound one , but alfi to die at Hterufalern, or theName ofthe Lard lefui. That of Jerome Ifmy father;hied weeping on his knees before me , and my, ma- :her hanging .on my necke: behinde mee , and a!' my brethren , Niers, children, kinsfolk!! , howling on every fide, to retaine mee in Jinja' life with them ; 'would fling my mother to the ground, delpilfe all my kinred, runne over my father, and tread him under my feete , thereby to runne to Chrifl when hee called) mee. That ofLather, dealt with, earneftly,and eager.. ly, not to venture hirnfelfe amongft a number ofperfidious, F(IS 'be °landblood.thirfliePapifts : As touching mee (faith bee) fine Martin Luther. vagjo. amfent for, Ia refolved, andcertainely determined to enter Wormes