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Genera/I direIions for a the holy Ghof} : in meekeneffe, tender-heartedneffc, love ; in patience, humilitie , contentednefle : in mortification of finne ; moderation of pailion , holy guidance of the longue : in workes of mercy, lattice, and truth : in fideli- ty , painefulneffe in our Callings , confcionable converting with men : in reverenceunto fuperiours, love of our ene- mies, an open-hearted reall fraitfull affetlionateneffe and bounty to Gods people : in heavenly-mindedneffe , felfe- deniall, the life of faith : in dif-efteeme of earthly things, contempt of the World , refolutehatred of time : in ap. prooving our hearts in Godsprefence , a fweet communion with him, comfortable longing for the coMmingof the Lord lefus, 6ec. Yet mitlake menot ; thou mull make a Phew, profeffe and talke , if thou wouldefl have Chrift Iefus to owne thee at that tail anddreadfull Day, Mark. 8.3 S. It is therefore an idle and braineleffe cav ill of fomc lewd ignorant Lozels, to fay ; We can by no meanes endure thefe fhewes ; Cannot a man bee religious to him felfe, except he hangout his flag, and let all the world know it ? For where the power of Religion is, there will be the thew alto. Pain- ted fire ffaines not, afcends not, heates not : but true fire is ever infeparably attended with thefe properties. We cannot put a Candle in a Lanthorne, but the light will thew it felfe thorow thehomes ; if true grace be planted in the heart, it will thine forth in our words, geflures, aetions, all carriages, and our whole conversation. He that will take fhewes from the fubftance of Religion, let him take brightneffe from the Sunne, glittering from Gold, breathing from a live-body. Shew and profeffion of Chrift before men, is commanded, as well as the fubflance and foundneffe of heart. Romanes 10. 9, 10. Thou mull bee a patrone, and in fome good meafure, a pra6lifer of precife points, if ever thouwilt have true peace and affurance of walking in thenarrow path, that leades to life ; as, of walking y precifel , Ephef:5 . is... Being fervent in 'iris, ROMI2III. Striving to enter in at the firaite gate, .L14