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comfortable walkingwith God. peace of ionic, from thole three heavenly golden conduits of fweeteft comfort, Rom.8. i 8, 28,32. Thus in any trouble of foule , body, good name, out- ward (late, prefent, or to come; thou tnayeft by the fo. veraigne powerof faith working upon the Word, not one- ly drawout the fling, and expell the poyfon of it; but alto create a great deale of comfort to thy truely-humbled fatale l and tnaintaine it in defpiteof all mortall' or infernall oppofition, in a conftant fpirituall gladnefre. For all\thole promifes, whereupon thy heavy heart in fuch cafes may re. pole, and refrefh it felfe, have their being from thebleffed name lehorab : See exod. G. 3. and therefore are as lure., as Godhimfelfe : they are fealed with the bloody fufferings of his onely Sonne and therefore as true, as ;truth it felfe and, if thoubee inChrift, are all as certainely thine, as the heart in thy body, or blood that runnes in thy veines. Nay, and alittle more for thy comfort, thegloryof Gods truth is mightily advanced, and himicIfe extraordinarily pleated, by thy more refolute, ftedfaft, and triumphant cleaving unto them. What a bleffed , fweet , and heavenly life then is the life offaith ? V. Apprehend in thy mind, and fettle in thine heart, a true eftirraite, and right conceit of the fubflanceand power, marrow, and materials of Chriftianity. Which doth not confift, as toomany fuppofe. In outward fhewes , profeffion- , talking : in holding ftridpoints, defendingprecife opinions, contefting againft the corruptionsof the times : In the: worke wrought, ternall formes of religions exercifes, fet-taskes of hearing, reading ,conference, and the like : in fonae folemne out' ward extraordinary abifinences ,.and forbearances , cell& ring others, &c. But, * in righteoufneire : peace, joy in *Numifitas in a.- verfatione, - litas in fide, vet-cc:India verbis, in Caais juattia, in operibus rnifericordia, inmoribus difciplina, in- juriam facerenon noffe, et fa6taln tole:are poire, cum frat. ibus pacemmacre, Daum tom corde dili- amare in illo quod Parer eft, rtmere (poi Deus eft, Chr.fio nitul omnino przposere, quia nec nob:: :lie quicquam przpofuit, chaiit.,tt cius inCeparabilicer adhzrere-. gilando de cjus nomine, et honore certamen eft, exhibere in fern one confianciam, qua confitemur : rn quzitione fiduciam, qual congredimur : in morre patientl.,m, qua coronamur. Hoc tit cobzredem Chriiii veilc cfre3 hoceft,:. przccRuuDcifaccre, hoc eft vowatAccm eRtrO adinvicac, Cyprian deans. '.Darain. the