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re 6o Generall direclionsfor a I .0 a a " s tth.aja 1. of that woe, Ifai.g. 2o. Woe unto them that ea evill, good ; andgoad that put darkenefe for light ; and light for darkeneffe ; that put bitter for fweet, and [weet for bitter. Yet know, that fpeaking the avid thou certainely knoweft by another, mit be feafonable, charitable and difereete : not out of humour, fpleene, imperioufneffe, at thy pleafure ; but forGods honour, the good of the party, thine owne dile- charge, upon a warrantable calling, &c. according to thole Rules I fhall heareafter deliver for guiding the tongue. Mymeaning then in this point is ; that thole greater mat-: ters be dearlieft prized, and principally plyed proportionably to their worthand waight ; and yet thefe teller things not negleCted. It is too true, that thole who are more fierce, and forward about the ceremonials , and eircumaantials, then truely hot and zealous in the effentials, and fabflantials of Chriftianity, proove toooften vaine-glorionfly,and proudly mounted upon that foule hellifh fiend, Hypocrifie, and po- fling apace towards forme fearefull Apoflacy, or Anabaptifti- call phrenfle. V I. Let thy fpirit,be mindful' of its owne heavenly birtN immortal' nature, and everlaftinghome, ever generoufly fota. tifie it felfe withviaorions refolution againft worldhneffe, thecanker and cut-throate bf all heavenly. mindedneffe, and hearty converfation above. OFall the foule-fiends, that haunt the hearts of carnal' men, there is none that holds a ftronger oppofition, and counter-motion to walking with God, then covetoufneffe. Ambition , fenfuality , and other wayes of death, cut off their flares with accurfed difacquaintance, and eftrangement farre enough from all comfortable acceffe unto the Throneof Grace : but affeetions nailed and glued to theEarth, have this peflijent precedency, that they hold theremoteft point of declination, from thewarmth and hi- fluence of any fweet communion with the. Sunne of righted, otrfneffe, and Gods glorious face. All earthly.mincied tutin ordinarily, howfoever they. may bee outwardly reftrained andrefereed, are fecret deriders of thepower of godlineffe, holy firieblefreof the Saints,and anyfteriesofGrace. And the Pharijit,