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comfortablewalkiag withGad. Tharires WO, faith Luke, chap. 16. 14. who were covetous heard all thefe things , and they derided him: even mockr, and made themfelves merry with the fearching, and heart- piercing Sermons ofthe Sonne of God. Their hearts , and hopes are wholly anchored upon the Earth, and lockt up in their thefts : and therefore thcy dreame of other heaven, then their golden hoards heapes of wealth , and prefent temporall happineffe. Whereas notwithftanding , one re- frefhina glimpfc fhining-, and fhed into our hearts from Gods pleafed face, and wellgrounded affurance of being His, is infinitely more worth then all the Gold that ever the Sunne made, or (hall make while it (lands in Heaven. V I I. Let thy holy affAions bee ever thorowly war- med , and ravifht a extraordinarily with the love of God. To which, there are infinite inflaming motives and Obliga- tions. 1. Hee being abfolutely confidcrcd , is immeafilrably lovely. The molt attractive o!)i,2Cts of in fatiable love , and all amiable excellencies , arc eminently and tranfcendently triumphant in him eternally. &antic, Glory, Worth, Wife- dome, Greatnefie, Goodneffe, Holincife, Puritiu:, any thing, every thing that is any wayes admirable and love-wor- thy. 2. Orconfider Him in relation to thy f-elfe; and fhouldeft thou every moment thorow an interminable time, laydownq ten thoufand lives for His fake , thou couldefl never come neere therequitall of the 'call inch of His infinite love to- wards thee, which reacheth fromeverlafling, to everlaftin& 1. He bore thee in the bofome of this His free lo e from all eternitie, and that fo dearcly, that from the fame eremitic, Hee decreed that His owne deareSenne Moulddie for thee. 2. Hee brought thee out of the abhorred flare of being no- thing, into the ranke of his reafonable and nobleft creatures. 3. Hee bought thee againe , when thou hadft wilfully loin thy felfe, with the heart, bloodof His °tidy Sonne. 4. Hee preferves thee every day from a thou land dangers , a thou-, farid deaths? 'whichmight feize upc,n thee , both fromwith- in 61 a Si amator Dei efPe vis Cyneeriai- mis medullis, ca. fq; Culp iriis ;um dilige, fpfum ama,illi rUia, quo jUCUTI. S nihil irrvenis, quo melius , quo ITtitwoAmym tius, utegin `7'14t. 85, Cczlum et ter, ra, t lia in eis 211'11 qua non ceffant mihi dice. re, Vt amemDo- minummeurn! Torn. Tag. zoc