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comfortablewalking with Goel._ 7 dread, till thoureturne unto theground. r. But ever goeabout the aff'aires of thy Calling with aheavenly mind; feafoned, and fanaifiedwith habitual prayer, ejaculatory elevations, willingneffe, if Godfo pleafe, tobe diffolved, and to bewith Chrift ; pregnant with heavenly matterand meditation,pickt out of the paffages of thy prefent bufineffe. For inftance ; let theHusbandman in Seede- time, collect this facred Soliloquie and heavenly thought If I now take not the (*calm, I than have no harveft, but flarve in winter. So proportionably; if 'gather not Grace in this Sun-Thine of the, Gofpell, and day of myvifitation,I fhall find nothingbut horrorupon my bed of death, andburne in Hell for ever hereafter, &c. 2. In all the civil bufineffes of thy perfonall Calling, let thy eyeand aymebeupon Gods glory, as the prime andprincipal! end of all thy act ions, I Car .10.31. and in them feeke and ferve that glorious end of Gods honour, not fo much in pro- curing thine owne, as the good of Church, Common- wealth, Neighbours and Family, &c. 3. By earthly imploy- tnents, doe not become an earth-worme. In vfing the world, grow not a worldling, and fuch an one as findes more fweet- neffe and pleafure in worldly dealings, and the comming in of thy Profits, then in thy heavenly trafficke and treafures through the pratice and trade of Chriflianity. I I I. In thy folitary feafons : i . Single out fome fpeciall profitable choyfe matter to meditate on all the while ; there- by both to prevent the ordinary intrufion of many vain; foolifh, noyfomc thoughts, impertinent wandrings, and wo- full trifling out thy precious time; and alfo to keepe thy fpi- rits, and the powers of thy foule aworke, fell as milftones wanting grill, grate and grinde one another, they walk themfelves in a fruiteleffe barren. melancholy. When canf1 thoubee alone, and not have jufl caufe, either to bufie thy rninde about fome lawful! affaires of thy Calling : or wreftle with fome corruption, which troubles the peace of thy con- Idence, or breake out into the praifes of God, or fomc other holy paffage of heavenly meditation, whereof there is fo great variety and fore? 2. Watch and vvithaand, with all F 4 godly