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comfortable walking with God. 73 ...... a counterfeit heaven in their outward behaviour, fhould harbour filch execrablehells in their hearts 1 3. Let not paffe fuch a golden opportunity for thy fpirituall good, with- out fome fweet comfortable conference with thy God in fe- era. Call and cry out towards Heaven for fome fpeciall Graces, by which thou mayell bee moll inabled to glorifie God moil , and to keepe in thy breft a chearefull and hea- venly fpirit , as for precicus and incomparable jewels to bee purchafed with the loffe of ten thoufand Worlds, but not tobe parted with for as many Worlds as thou !tali gaires upon thy head. Begge with greateft earnefineffe , and ex- traordinary intention of fpirit , mortifying grace, and fpi- rituall firength , for the milling and conquering of thofe fpeciall tufts , and unruly paffo_lis that moil haunt thee, and hurt the peace of thy confcience: Let a forrowfull furvay of all thy finnes draw from thee fome hearty groanes,' and fervent ejaculations for mercy and pardon : or a fummary view of Gods bleffings and favours towards thee, fill thy heart with many joyful!, lowly,and moft thankful! thoughts, &c. Thus, or in the like manner, let fome part of thy loll- tary time be lure io be feafoned with holy Millings, and talk with God. I V. Concerning company, I advife, I. That thou never call thy felfe into wicked company, or preffeamong11 the prophane efpecially upon choice, vo- Inntarily anddelightfully ; and ;bide no longer with them at any rime, upon any occafion , then thou halt found warrant, and a calling thereunto. It is uncomely, and incompatible with agood confcience; It is not for the honor or comfort of Gods children, to keepe company, or familiarly converce with graceleffe a men. a Vides quim tt bich point to prevent , mifconceits and miitakings, eerie ciducabnle imntuecger! confider there is a double fellowfhip a fan&i quibus poliquam malt = converfari non li. - cet,fed nec male converfantes agnofeere,,Aari?. Toast. nag. It Scut qui Diabolum tequ,tur, fan- itorum collegium affeetu et opere afpernacur : eta qui Deo perfeet& adhzferit , impiorum conforti- - requsquam admittit, Gregor vi Pfol.6. Melius habere malorum odium, quam confortium, Rem e me* berd vivendi,Serm 6 o. s. Common,