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74 GeneraII direRions for a aMOII.10 b 7 have a pound 1. Common, b cold, and mere general!. 'In trading, bar- of this d inttion; gayning, buying, felling, fainting, eating and drinking toge- ifi fion2 a ntofilearnrcl ,., holy and reverend trier ; and in other paffages of humanity, and entercourfe of Tmin4Y0.41,,aks civil! fociety ; to which charity, nature, neceffity,or the exi- th. : In this place, faithhe, we be ad--gents of our general!, or particular calling doe warrantably monifhed to beware lead us. left at anytime wee iuyne our [elves to 2. Special', Beare, intimate-:' In confultations and coun- tivii that are lifh and !gody. f°- felsabout matters of fpeciall fecrecy, greatefl weight, and Nit tbat it ,,,ilto. highefl confequence. In fpirituall refreihments, religious lether "lawfall ta conferences, prayer, marriage, all manner of neereft engages , b: i vt T,th a ez: f:: lihna ments. In a free unreferved communication of their foules, '1" " ne"°nte mutuall exchange of the thoughts of their hearts, faithful! too mere unto them: i.rr to ease and revelations of the fpirituall flare of theiotonfciences one un- tv atuwinit/bh:fthen to another, and in such like bliffefull pangs and paffages of Towne by them,and Chriflian love, and ardent fanetified affection. inch other common deities bee noe ar;, The former ofthefe theChriflian train ofneceffity enter; hwfiji. Be so taine, and exercife fometimes with the men of thisworld ; i,r),":,:aig: except bee will goe out of the world, 1 Cor. 5. a 0. But the them ink?, so ear fecond fellowfhip is the Saints peculiar. The Chriftian is Zuen,,t,'ryetLZboundour by the Booke of God, the Lawof heaven, upon andfteciallfiiendt, his alleageance tohis Lord andSoveraigne, and by the corn dm is ernlawfuli, and this it here formon charterofGods children,from converfingwithdelight- biridtn,Greenhram, Medit, upon rro. full intiinateneffe , and from the exchangeand exercife of 14. v:7. Nay, she thofe fpeciall paffages of deareft acquaintance with profane very Phil°1°P" men, childrenof darkeneffe, and enemies of God : for thefe intimates it iri,hil and 1,. ,. fince.Theyeu (pith ria tne like reafons. he) a twofold COI- verfiog: x Gene- I. Flee thereby incurres a double hazzard : The one of rail and Gomm, infedionwith finne : The other ' of inflidion ofpunifhment. *berme the times, it ajraires,the voyages Hee that toucheth Pitch, faith the wife man, iball bee and encounters doe defiled therewith ; god bee that bath fellowfhip with a proud d.,11,1.1b10"yacaer,i1,,"! man, fha§be like untohim...Can a man tak! fire in his bofinne, 'tars cofint, 2spe. and his clothes not be burnt ? Can a man goe upon hot coales, clad, , in affrlied and defiredcompa_ and hisfeete not be burnt ? Pm/4. 27, 28. Neither can any nyovherein time i. familiarly, and intimately converfe with a prophane man, conference, COMXOH- NiCatiON , priVity but he fhall be corrupted. andfamiliarity. lie entangled, bimfelfewith acceffarineffe to their POWJ, danger of*aim, liabknefli to fc' arida put:if& meat and fhame. There