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1 GeneraII diredions for a with herdic; and his life andconverfation infecied with piety. There are two reps and paffages , as it were , out of the flare ofprophaneneffe, into the Paradifeof Chriftianitie. i .Illumination ofthe underflanding with laving knowledge, 2. Sanetiflcationof the heart with fpcciall grace. Now the Papifi labours topervert and impoy fon both. For common- ly you (hall finde the Papift to be fligmatized , and branded with a double marke : Hee receives one immediately from the Beall, a brand of Idolatry : And Satancommonly faftens upon him another fpeciall marke , fome notorious and fcan- dalous finne in his corvcrfation ; as fwearings lying, unclean- neffe , the vanities of good-fellowfhip , Sabbathbreaking, or fuch like. For we mull know,that Antichriflianifm:: can- not produce fanaification ; and thereforeyou (hall common- ly finde every Papift to lye in fome raigning finne ; howfoc- ver formall devotion is the highefi perfeLiion attainable in that Antichriflian irate. By Popi(h company then a man i3 in danger of corruption, boil inhis underftanding, and conver- fation : By the lewd , which yet make profetlion of Gods Truth, of mfeftion with notorioufneffe inconditions : By meere civil! honeft men, and formall Profeffors, of defeaion from zeale and forwardnefreat the !call, 2. As the Chrillian incurres by the companyof prophane rnen,evident hazzard, either of infeaion with their finnes, if theybe notorious ; or defeetion from zeale , and forward- neffe , if they be fomethingmore tollerable and formall fo he is every houre which he is in their company, without a warrantable calling, and jut' difpenfation out of the Word, and from a goodconfcience, ingreat danger of being invol- ved within the flames of the PI confulions and inwrapt within the compaffe of thofe outward curies and plagues which Gods indignatidn inkindles and inflias upon wicked men. All prophane men, being unreconciled toGod, are eve- ry moment liable to all thole miferies and fearefull judge. ments,which either man or divell, any of Gods creatures, or his owne immediate hand, can bring upon them : They are only refpited and relayed by Gods mercy, and deferred onely