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comfortable walking with God. 79 ...410.101.1110:11IMI,MMI.=1. onely unto tholeopportunities and feafons, which feemeben and fitteft to his holyWifedome. Now, if when they light upon them ( as they may junly at any time) any of Gods Children bee found amongft them unwarrantably and de- lightfully, it is rghteous with God, that he receive hispor- tion amongI them at that time , and be fearefully infolded within the furyof the greaten temporal! vifitation.It is righ- sees. nous with God, that if his owne Child:. will needs bee un- warrantably familiar with his enemy, that bee alfo beporta- ker of any tetnporall plague, efpecially with his enemy, even to the Joffe fometimes of his natural! life.Take then I befeech you the holy counfell of thebleffed Apoille , Eph. 5. 7. Bee not therefore companions with them : And let this reafon fright you out of their companie ; Let no man deceiveyou(faith he) 4 ornall wild with vaine* words : for, forfilch thing, commeth the wrathof be ready to replyand Godupon the children of difobedrence. [ For Inch things ] to eP,PAZ wit, fornication, uneleanneffe, coveroulii:4fe, thioeffs, fbd- of...;;ords,tbg: lifh talking, jellingand fuch like. Take ihfcdz therefore of fardnb\elf:flyittil convertingwith the prodders of thefe uncomely things. Tifiee:edd and con. z. Secondly, there mutt very fhortly b,? an everlaning fe- , ,74 cow and potation betweene the Chriflian and prophane men : at the tbea bee nvvr./ with aod fe &we, as earthen, they mull part upon their death-bed, a'A never fee they call tbenn'vInd one another againe unto the day of lodgement : and then the they mull !bake hands for world without end. For there is rnaPnP CleejeiV:g1: let betwixt them , by Gods imulorable and irrevocable De- 8". tree, a vanand immeafurable guile, which Elands as faft and unremooveable, as God Ahnigh tie in his ThroneofMaj ftie; co that they can never poffibly meete. Betweene w.4 andyou , Luke 15.24 faith Abraham to the rich man in bell , there is a greatgulfe fixed, fo that they whichwouldpapfrom henc- toyou, cannot; neither can theypare to us, that would comefrom thence. If it be fo then, that after an inch of time, there mull be betwixt them an endleffedivorce, and an unpalfable diflance through all eternitie ; it is ben for the Chrillian to begin this feparati- on and difacquaintance in time, and not to repofe his fpeciall love , the fweeteft and nobleft of all his aff:Clions, uponan obje where it man Rot eternally ref}, nor intimate] con- verfc