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It~jlrullions for a right comforting Se~. I·. "=----------_..,..·- - - ---- __ _.!: motive will molli6e their doggedneffe; yet at leafl:, let 1 ' their love unto the world, themfelves,. and fenfu:tll ' wayes,take them offand refl:raine them from .this perfecuting rage :.lefl: it fet on workethe prayers ofGods people,. and fo they bee taken away before their time, and c.ut off from a temporary fuppofed heaven .of earthly ple<1fures, to · a true everlafl:ing ·Hell of un· fpeakeabk torments,. fooner than otherwife they f 113. AU men r7ioycc Jhould. q. The hearts, and tongues of. all good'men, · at their defirutho_n. and friends . to the Gofpell, are fil'd with much glori- (~Jfhw~~r~hfs~:t~ ous (1) joy,.and heartie~ fot!gs of than~giving, at the . fng. , downefall ~f every ragmg tncurable Oppofite; when , ~.rov. 1 x, 1 o. the revengmg hand · 'bf God hath ·at length to the fin·- gular advancement of the.glory of his jufhce, Jingled out, and paid home remarkeabJy, any impenitent Per-; fecutor, and implacable enemy.· See tor.- this purpofe;. The fong of Mofe:.t, Exod. I). Of Deb.Dr.ah-, · lt~dgu 5'• The Jewes feafl:itig after the hanging 'Of H4man,Eflher · 9· 17. Pfal.p. 6.9. and 58.10.- :,u~d 79~ .13. I• Mac... cAb. n."51. (Onely, let' the h~ar(ofGodschild bee · watchfull over it felf<: with a·godly jealoufie in this. Point. That his rejoycing bee becatite Gods jUO:fce is glorified,. His Church delivered,., Sa tans kingdome · weakened, .. oc. not ondy for his owneeafe and endlh fur any per'~onal'l or parti<;1;1lar by,.;.refpect) Now it is an heavie cafe; Aman, in his fhort abode upon earth to behave hiqlfelfe,Jo'likea dogg~d Curre, and incar- .. ' nate· Divell, th!lt all good men are and oug~t to. b.e p_at:. _fingly glad,when heis g?ne.. . · Ga A p·:.