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:Part.t. Cap.J J· c H A "'. xnr. . t. •Who are meant by P p-focutors. II. What u meat~t !Jy p~rfecution. Ill. . e.An objetlion agaittft the dofJrine ,~tnfwered. ~~~~~N tfiis point I comprife and con- P_crrecutors.. <i whac · clude,all forts ofPerfecutors : ofkmdcse · which fome are profeft-and open, · as Bonner and Gardmer,and many ~~~:;M. fuch morning· fonie poli- - ·ticke and refcrved, who many times are the more pernicious. For of all manner of ·malice, and m will, that is mofl: execrable, deadly,and doth the mofr 'hurt, which like a Serpent in the fa ire greene gra:ffe, lies lurking in.tbdlatterihgs and fawn~ ings of-.a fleering countenance~ _ Which kitles with Judtu, and kils with Joab: entertaines a man with out• ward formes of complement, and curtefie,but would., -if it durfl: ·or m1ght, ftab him in at the fifth rib, that he ,fhould never rife againe. When a mans words to thy .face, are asfoft as oyle or butter ; ·but his thoughts to- :wards thee, compofed all of bloud and bi tterneife ; of -:ga:Il and gun-powder. Some -are notorious villain~ , as many time~ in n:any places, the mofl: defperate blafphemers, fbgmat1call drunkards, rotten Whoremongers, cru~ll Vft.1rers, and fellowes offL~ch infamous . ranke, are ,as fo many bloudy Goads in the fides of Gods {erv.ants ; and the onel y men to pudae all advantages againil: the faithfullefl: Minifl:ers .: fome are of morefobercarriage, fa:!re.conditions, andfeeming ·devotiO?J., C!AEfs I j.)o. Some are theba{eft fellowes,the mo!t abjeCt and contemptible vagabonds , and the .very refufe of all the Rafcals in a Countrey. This we may fee by JobJ complaint, {hap. 3 o. . 7J ut'$(JW, faith l1e, they .that arc younger than J, hav~ mee in dcrifian> E 4 whofo.