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. InflnttlionJ" for a right comforting Secl:. I, - ·---- ·- could del!re,&c. But frarring up upon the fuddcn,and leaping for jo_y; falls headlong,and irrecoverably into the raging Sea ; and fo in lieu of that imaginary happineff~ bee vaindy grafped in a dreame, bee defl:royos himfdfe, and lofeth that little reall comfort, hee had in this miferable lif~Z. That damned paire of incarnate Devils, the Engliln F aw~J,and French 'R._,4villac; the one, after that in the Popes cauf~, hee had embrued his hands in the Royall bloud of a mighty King, and the greatdl: Warriour upon earth; The other having done ' his utmof1: to blow up at once, the glory, power, wif~­ dome ; the Religion, peace, and pofterity of the moll: renowned State under the heavens; were both pradigiol!lOy bold, confide11t, peremptory. But was this courage, thinke you, infpired into them,by the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, already triumphant in the heavens; or by that roaring Dragon of the Bottomleffe p1t? A man ofanunderftanding, impartial!, difcerning ipirit, would fcarcely wilh a clearer demonfrration of the truth, and ort~~doxnes of our Religion,than to marke the difl(:rent ends of our bldfed c..Martyrs in ~ene t}t[atin time, and thofe Popifh Traytors, which are '::>metimes executed amongll us . They both ordinarily at their ends expreife a great deale of confidence : But in the P(eudo-Catholicf?.!s, eAiJtichriftian Martyrs, it is 1o enforced, artificiall, ambitious, aff.:d:ed ; · Their fpeeches fo cunning, and compo~d upon purpofe to feduce the Jlmple; Their !all behaviour fo plotted be- ~re-hand, and formallY- acted ; Their prayers fu unhearty, plodding, and perfund:ory; Their whole carriage fc} unfpirituall, and unlike the Saints of G9d, difeovering neither former acquaintances with the my~ fu:ries oftrue 1and:ification, nor thofe prefent feeling elcv<ttions of fpirit, which are wont to fill the foules, which are ready to enter mto the joyes of heaven; that to a fpirituall eye, to a man verll in the purity ,and ·power of godline.ffe, it is moft deare, that thdr corn· fort