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Part.1. Cap.r . ~.fflilled Confciences. ~ confiderations to bring in comfort to his heavy heart. But in this, bee is a fcoitr,ge to himfelft, at wam: with l1imfelfe, an enemy to himfelfe. He cloth greedily an<l "/ indufrrtol.\llY re~ch in as much matter, as he can poffib. 1y, ·both tn1agmary ai1d true, to enlarge the rent, and aggravate his horrour. He gazes willingly in that falfe gla{fe, wnich Satan is \Vont in fuch cafes, to fet before him ; wherein by his hellifh malice bee makes an infinite addition both to the already unnumbred multitude, and to the too true hainoufhc{fe of his fins; and would faine, if he will be led by his1ying cruelty,miCreprefcnt to his affcighted imagination, every Gnat as a CameU ; every moat as amole-hill ; everymole-hill as amountaine; every Iultfull thought as a Sodomtticall villany; every idle word as a defperateblafphcmie ; every angry looke as an aeluall bloudymurder ; every intemp<:;rate paffion, as an inexpiable provocation; every dlftratl:ion in holy duties, as a damnable: rebellion ; _every tranfgreffion againfi: ltght of confcience, as a finne agai,i1fi: the Holy Ghoft, &c. Nay,in this amazedneffe of fpitit, and difpofit ion to defpaire, he is apt even of his owne accord, and "Yith ~rea! eag~- rle!fe, to arme every feverall finne, as tt comes tnto hu> mind with a pahicular bloudy fi:ing, that tt may tl:rike cleepe enough, and fiicke 'f<¥t enough in his already ' grieved foule. He imployes and improves, the excellency, and utmofr of his learning,underfianding,wit, mem?ry, (a~ _to argue with all fubtiltie, \V}th much( ') SedFtmlcifl:114 Spi. Sophtfl:ry, .a~amfr the p~rdonableneffe ofh1s finnes, ra mira {agacitatearl and poffibthty of falvatlOn. Hee wounds even his fingula r(fpondebatwounds, with a conceit, they are int:urable, and vexes .§{;ttt-eu11tfs adfcrebanhis very vexations with refufina to beecomforted vn,_torquebat_a!,ebat- , . , l.9 , • quemcontrarzampar· • . ; , . . . . . te.11.1 tnagna 'tJiolentia 11rgumento~u~,_ ~ admmnzd.t oi'atzonu 1mpett.. -:-J:(thtlpottat adw apte promi, accomodate a1fcm, quod no~ tlle,wl :cfcU~ret .arg~tif!imc, vel duderet ca.liid~![tme , vcldiftdf:- , ~ere:. promptiffime.. .S.tpt_ mtra '!mp[um_ cogztave,. cu,"! nequaquam f11iffeitapi!Yfpicacefnin JHduo do~matu~ eta. fDrro ezercztatum m difjnttat.ambr~ Thti1Jiogici!~c11m famu ejfet. HI!l De Fr.,nclfc. S p1ra. P· uo. u r. • F 3 Not