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l".ft:_ufjions for a rig_ht~comforting · -· Sett. t. ( 15") It i-sf-a-id_o_: _th_e_N_:r_ o_t_-o..,:nely c~btres, --;ftlitlions, tempta-t-io_n_s_,_a_n_d all fame Spt.ra, clue ln matter of dHconteritment; but even the. moLl: defira- ~~:~~~far:~'[;,0%e~ ble_things ~lfo it),_ this life~ and ~hare .which m.inifrer nou aliter 7.mltu& & moLl: outward comfort; w1fe, ( ).children,.fr1ends; ' manws,qu~m tortorum gold, gnods, niens favours :c preferments, ho- !erf!per/ exhorl'ef(,ere nours, ·offices, -even (c) pleafttres themfelves, every llJid. P· 8'!; . . . thing : whatfoever is within him or without hil:n or (c) Mente mptt tzmo1· - . h h '· ' · hie, vultum tot14 mque (d). about h1m ~ w atfoever ~ thtnkes upon, remem..: &orporu habit it; immu- bers, heares, fees,t:urne all to hts tormet-Jt. No. marv~ll tat etiam in ddi:ijs, in then, .though the terrour ofa wounded confCtence bee tripudijs, _inJympofij5, fo intoleraole. · . &c. carnificz~am_ ex- 3· As the exultations of the foule and fip· iritnall reerut. Lemm1usl•b+ fi rL • · -' 1 • .. 1 cap- u. rewments ?oe Incomparably furpaffe,. bot 1 mexce -, (") Contn mequ.ecuu· lency of ob Jeer, and fwectndfe of apprehenf1on alt quefimtuffiiam,incr:c pleafures of fenfe, and bodily delights:: foafB1clions lo ()·{ttb{fll~ con(c~ft of thefoule and fpirituall pangs cloe infit1itely exceed, runt,ut mthlmo!eflzam b h · b' ' n· f I c . · · f c I faciant·clltmn clemen- · ot 111 ltterneueo teme, and -Intenfion o 1urrow r 1e ta,mu~dw., DerM ,An- moLl: exquifite tortures, can poffibly be inflicred upon geti,homines. DiabJfi. the *body. For thef'oule is a fpirit,.very 1l1btile,quick_,. Spira ~1~.u.~ acti">;e, Jlirring, all life, l;lloti~n, _ fen1e, fe;eling: and · ~;~~~~~~ 1~:~:!t!oy 1 , t~erdore .farre more cap~ble and appre~ertflve, of all; ,. Multo [~viur tongeq1 l~ln~es. of lmpre~ous, paffions of pleafltre,or atrocior eft animi, mfhchons of pa1ne~ _ . .. quam mporiJcr~ri:r" 4· Thisextreamefl:o(miferks,a·woundedJPirit, is trM Lemmtus. bb. 1 • temperedwith fuch i1rong, and Grange ingredients of cTap.t~~p. . · tolerabi extraordinary feates, that it makes a ni~f.1 a terrour to an o ren.1 tn h. ,r;_lfi - d fl h . +. • d fl h lior, q1tanto-'(fJi.ritus -tmJ e e, an to a,~ u J rzen s.: T(J ee w en none pu~-- · · ,corpore [ubtili11T-. · fues, at the found of a /hak,~tz · !eafe: To tremble qt h1s 4· Tbc efteas are ot\TnC> fbadow :· to beJ ingreat feare, where 110 feare u: ~r~~T.c~-~n~s . Be:!des the infupportab!e ~urth~n _of too rnany_true - · Prov.l8 :: and caufef:ll rerrours, It fills his darkeand dreadfuH J...evit. 1.6. ) 7 • fancy with a world of f1ined horrors, gaG:ly appariti- ~raJ~~j. H · >· · ons, a-nd imaginary bells,. whicb notwithfranding,. have reall flings) . and:imprei.Te true tortures upon his tremblih~ and wofi.lll heart. It is empoyfoned with ' - fuch refl:lef{e angui!l1, aDd de[perate paine, that .though ,. _.likbe moft horrible;:yct it makes a · ~. · man-