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b'.ftrnctioni for aright comforting ----· Both heart and tongue ; man and Angell mufl: let that alone for ever. For none can take the true eftimate· ot this immefnrable fpirituall mifery, bUt beet hat can '- comprehend the length,' and breadth of that infinite unrefiflablewrath, which once·implacably enkindled: in the borome of God, burnes to·the·very bottome of hell, and there creates 'the extremity and endldi1efl'e of all thofe unexpre!fable torments, and fieliy plagues, which affliclthe devils and damned fuules ht that hor- ' rib!e pit. . . · . • 6. Not onely the defperate cries of Cam, TudM;, 6 . G o • s ow~e chtl ~ g \ Latomm, and many other fuch m1ierable men of dren h.wc felut' fuch. A . • {'· ( s ) J:atom~, cu"!, e~ orlorne hope, but al(o the W_?full comp.lamts ~ven ?I' ambwone cotJtra cd{crr Gods owne deare chlldren dtfcover the truth of th1s. entia,n., writ~tem ~u- point, to wit, the terrours and intolerablendfe of.a angel~ atfDC~tcr. em- wounded confcience. H!are how rufully three·anCl• pu;:;ap:;;.t'~ifc~%~ ent wor.thie~ in. their times wra~led wi~h tlil~wrath· PJt~.Chrifli fidtfes im- pf God Hl th1s kmde. I rec~ned ttU mormnt, fa1th He.. mani.ffimee(f t ptr(wr uk.f.Ah·, that M a (h) Lion,fo 1riJ! he break§ all my bonn : t~~illCBrfJOY~ vegeto, Even as the weake and~ trembling li'mbes o.f fome C: fan,o{ub. t·a.t~ept~a-leff~r nerrletl:ed be;til: are·cruilit and torne t~o.n~ ~· U rtonbtt-Jtta h 0 • . b . , f bl. L' efl 'p~;rcut{rvs utq;'tor. ~s by t e unrehfra l~ paw o an .unconquera .e 10~1 ; . ~micu noverat,doCl:f {o was h1s troubled foule ternfied an~ broken Wt:th ·pinos ad f:, the anger of the· Almighty~ He_- could not_fpeake f~r .{Uam.qu.e :m('letatem, bitterneffe of-griefe· and an(j'uilh ofheart • . but• c. hat~· · ' flt tu ' 0 · ' 1 J~ .r;tremJ. cont·' ~} ~ ter.ed' likf tt: Crane 'vr a S~allow, . and mour;ned lik! A. . ue;perat tOliCJ , II•IOJ4·: · :/ c··'v • .fl.b'' .1. ·- •;fl. • ·c· h teretur G :ave efi·, in- D.ov.e.• TY.IOU 1 1 wrt-fe.J• · s.ttcr wtngs 11gamJ. mec, ut ' • • ..,J ' ' " Jf1tftns , peuatum mtM; · · . · .. q~i tm~dt;zs, fcie"(que in f)erbo Dei pe,(equtndll~& npp1·imrndtr, af~Hperam mtarJ~<CoUocavi • . ~a1e adv.erf~ Spirit{lm ('antJ,,m peccavi, nee ~~aa -v d in hac vita vtiiTJ .et ern;;_ pcccati·mei,: ' (J endmu.tio {fer~ntin eft. Sed diaboii & ,4otpore ~ a11ima perpetuum fim• ma_n,ciptum ~ adco.qiW . il'l regnum CJ~ mcorpol'attu"HC inter IJerrendos mugitta mot t tt'w.. c~. A:lexiph:arm..advcr- fus Defpfi'at. Nicolao L3~r~nti~..--(-r' ) Hai.;S I) . '~iidalttem Dc,.,muJ.mpara.t · Leoni·,4bfitrdum, f)lden,mm dtb~t-Oportct enim ftrrgelliJ Domini ~fficac.iam i~tej?e,qua hum1-. /icm11Y atque. detj,iamlfY u{que ad'ip(os i~tfiro s, & ton{olat ione deflitt~ti omnia horror-is plena C8ncipiamtM: quemadrnodtnnctiam banores iflos defc ;·iptos. ii Davi~c. cenzimt#, · du"' lfjfo[11adi,numerata,leetum {iJ tlm-facftryni!Jm1drfaC!um,animam [uam turbatam,i,rJferos' apcrt.os eQl tficft• "Sk enim p>os in.trrd11m jucticioDeiterrcri necejJc.efl, utbotJ!tatis ejiu de fide· r,la.,m(lgis a JficlantNr. Calv. (} ) ,- lob · •3 1 %;.6. . ' JoG, ,