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Inflructions for a right ~omforting Sect x. her firft child. For alas, who can ftand before the migh:- . ty ~ord Gqd ? Who dare plead with him,when hec is . (') o mi{tri, in i!JU4nto angry? What fpirit ofman bath might., to wrafile with err~revtr{amini JP~+· his Maker? Who is able to make an agreement with tatifoe hunc m_orbum the hels ofcopfcience ? or to put to G.lence the voyce of ~tf:::~~:f:;:Z~~:;~ defpei:ation ? <?h 1 in Jhis conflict alone, and wofull f~fe~ari po!]it? (redite "Yound ofconfc1ence. ( ) no electuary~ pearle or pre·. mzh,, aliuttde petmda uous Baulme, no Bezoars fione, ·or Vmcornes borne, ~fl mediciR~· Nonp~o· P·aracelfian q'uinteffence, or potable gold: no new de- . d~Jl ad an1m_tt ttg~s~u· vife of the Knights of the ~fie-cro.f[e, nor the moll: exdmer,pe&clttzcogii~t~a· "G. ..o. • h: h Al h A · r: ·1r. ne. & ir.e Vei pondere qw tte ~tra~oLlOn, w. lC c ymy ~ or. rt 1t 1e 1e can prQ{tr&e.t,nlc potio,nec create, lS a~ le any whlt, or at all to rev1ve, eafe, or af. · c~taplafma,uiCdedu- fwage. It IS onely the hand of the Holy Ghofr, by the . tlto per Pharmacum: bloud of' that ble!fed Lambe, le[m Chrifl the holy, ami fe!' m, Me· the riqhteo'Pu which can binde up fuch abraife dmf4 chreflrt-S ef!, voz · ~ ' • Euangelij dntidutum. cHAp. II. I. V fo of the former Do8rine for the unconverttd fj tak!; out the fling of finne bJ repentance. I I. One rea[o11 wh.J every jitmer doth not alwayes feele that fling. . Yfos i . • c. Ounfell to the unconverted : That H.,. , ·· . , QJI they wonld take thefl:ingsoutof V{C le Take OUt the . , · their finneS, and prevent the de• fimg by repentance, , . fperateneffe and incurablene!fe of for, · . this horrible wound, by an hum- , (tJ Tempefliv~ inci!lia- ble, Gncere, univerfall turning unto_the Lord, wh~le it mtts [entirec#n{cientitt i.r called ( c) To dt~.y. for atfuredly m the mear:e tun~, horrores, dumpmp:u all tht; finnes they have heretofore commHte1 m ~~grat~~! qu~-z;'dne-. thouZ·pt,word or deed; at any time, in any phce,with ratacon1crentla 1anan - . hi h h h 1_ ,. potefl [uavi.f]imiJChri· any .ompany, or toW c • t .ey ave v-.eneany vyay~ fti p1·omiffionibus Nam acceffitry,. are .already uP?n record before. d~e pute eye fifer.{tsm hrmc differ~ of that h1gh and everlafl:mg Iudge, written exa6H_Y mta, &c. Rolloc. in by the hand ofdivine Iuf.hl.ce in the booke of their loan. f·P· :.87. > · confciences,