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------------------~---------~----~-------------- ..Ajfti/J(d (onfcienc~J. Patt.:. Cap.:. . con{ciences, with a penne ~f iron, with the claw o-f an Adamant,.with the point of a Diamond, or if y~u can name any thing, which makes a fl: ronger, deeper, . and more lafl:ing itnpreffion ': and there they lye; like fo many lions a fleepe, and Gyants refrelbing with wiqc;; gathering much ·defperate poyfon, and fringing poiuts : that whenfoever hereafter' they mall bee eff~­ dually and finally awaked by Gods angry hand, they may torment mofl: ragingly, and teare·their wofull ~oules in pieces 1v erlafl:it1gly, when there is none to 91 helpe. . · Now wee may fee and obierve many times, qnelit- I · One linne willffing de finne, at leafl: in the worlds account, and conceit of ?nfufrerab1y when it carnall men, to plunge a guilty· ConK:ience intq the •s aw~lrencd . depth of ext~emdl: horrpur,an,d a very hell upon earth :. As I have ·heard of, ai1d knowne:in rna_ny : One for a fudden, unadv11~d - iinprecation .againfl: her own foule, in ea-${: fhe did fo or fo : Another~ for a tho!lght concd- .ved- of Goq, unworthy fo gr~at a M~jyfl:y : A.noth~r, for covefouOy keeping' a < thirig! ;f~riCli -aiicU~t refioring it,or not inq'i.Jiring aft'ertfidown'eM ' Ano~her for an adulterous projel<t, without any aCl:uall pollu~ion ·: ;' Another, by concurring with a company of fcoffing Jfomaels only once;, and. etehewasaware,· by1i~ing up the hands;. and· bfiih_g _up:1:he eyes; in'Korne·of G9Js.· peopk, &i. -yet afterwards they fadly revifing thefe mifcarriages ih cold bloud, (cirle_'of them fom~ five or fixe yeeres after, God being then pleated to re~ prefent them with terrot1r, and their native fi:ings; were cart ·into tha~ aftlicHon of Con{eience, and con:.. fufion of fpirit;·thitt their vdy bones we"" br;ok$n ;-their faces fil~ with gh~fl:linefle and feare ; their b9dies poffe!fed Wlth firange tremblings and languiibing di... fiempers ; their very vitall moyfture turned into thf! I ' drought of Summer : In which dreadfull perplexity they ~er~ in great danger of'defl:roying. themfclves, and of bemg f wallowed up of defpaire. If the guilty • ·· - .. , fenre