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Part 2.. Cap.2•. .Ajflicted Confl:iences, ~- rhc:m a torture, a racke, the very beginningof bell. And thads the rea(orr, to declihe the ftings of guilti. nef:k, and torment before their t1me; why_they have 10 often recourfe ·unto the arme of flefh, for refre!bing; to the mirth and madneffi: ofwine, pleafures,and ma:!l other fugitive foUies; Tha~ theycafr.them{elves int~fuch knots'ofgood-fellowflup; appomt.fa many kt-matches of jovial! meetings, ·:and hunt after fuch variety of the ~mes entertainement; as they call it: ' which. they account the very life oftheir life, and, with0ut which they would rather bee under ground, , than above ·it. For the fecond, Hc:are; how fwaggeringly they cry unto thetr companions in iniquity, ta make hafte with them towards hell.' Come with m, let , 114 1/ty waitt for bloud, let m l~#rk,t privily for the iMocent ,-withoHt ca11[e : Let li4 fw~tUow themHJ ~live, M tlie grave, andwhole, IU thofe th~ttgoe downe ;nto the pit : 'Wte foal/finde all pretio;u fo/JJltince, we {hall fill our houfts with JPoyle. Cafl in th] lot among m, let tu all have-one purfe, Proverbs I. u. &c. Come on therefore, let IU enjoy the good things that ~t-re p_reftnt : 111zd let Ul JPecdi.. . J; ufo the creaturu tU in youth. Let m fill our felves with coft!J wise, And tJ)ntments : and let no flower of the Spring pajfe h.J m. Let m crowne our [elves with ~ofe /Juds, 6efore thq 6e withtred. Let none of m goe without bi4 part of tJIR' voiHptHaufnef[e : Let P.J leave tok,sns of Dur joyfulneffe in roery place: for .thi& i4 our portiov, and ~ our lot if thu, &~. And in,all thefe curfed conventicles Hee rweerens by llf of good-fellowlbip,and furious combinations for J>ro- meancs_ poffibl.y. phanendfe, and again£\ pietie,~ the divell himfelfe is ever prcfent amongO: them in his Pontiftcalihm,asthey Cay : And there difpofeth, endines, manageth·and ac.. commod:ites all opportunities, circumftances, occur- .. rents, mens teverall corruption$, and pregnande of their wicked wits to make their meetings,as merry,as ll}ay be; and to put all-poffible lenNall fwc:etneifc into their carnal! delights. . · · · . G4 5.Lafb..