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. 100- · lnfttuCiiDnsfor arightcomfo~ting_ · Seft:. I. ~· Hiclcs the tlingof 3·· LafHy, That whichisprincipallyformypur.. fin from thine eyes. pote ; befides, that}ike a craftyju~l~, he cafrs ~ mift before the eyes of hts flaves; and ltke-a falfe Merchant, p~ts a counterfeit &loffe upon the face offi~me ; He al£'l· In-des away the fhng from them, and wuhholds the horrour untill afterward. ·Every linnet in ·it's owne nature, ever lookes foul~r than the devill himtelfe ;. 0 that the ougly, fearefull,and filthy £hape of it could be teene with bodily eyes, that thereby itmight provoke all men to a mortall and immortall hate and detefration of it t The fling is pointed with the keene unquencbable wrath of God ; the horrour is heated withthe: very fire of hell:· And yet ordinarily Satan takes an order by his craft and indull:ry, that thefe never a·pp.eare, qntill it appeare un~o hi~ tha.t in all P;roba~iliue, ·the fight of them wllUinke thet-r.foules.mto ure· coverable woe. The not feeling then of their fpirituaU mirery is fo farre from making them not miferablej, that it mini· fters occafi~n to the divels malice, mightily toaggravate their m.ifery, both pfefent and futur~ . . ' . ' . ' . ' \ . . ~ ' · F i~e . other reafonJ· w'-?J a finner doth not.a!wayes /eel~: · the ftm,g of finne. · . , : · . · . .. 'Yit~~-Nother reafon ~ :.wHy many are not: 1-· The confcimce is troubled in the meane time ·, though ~h: dead 11'c:p.c:, as in there becr- infinite caute, and a world of ,Wo:! to come, ,is, becaufe their.con... . · fcienc~s by; reafon of furfelt in finne, . . and being drunke with worldly de· lights as with fweet win'e, are call into a dead Deepe :: A•14 ther:e lulled'fHll, an~ locktfull full in an imagina· - rk P.aradife of golden dreatnes and.tranfitory fancies, .. ' by{