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Part. 2. Cap. ; • AJfiiEfed C onfC!cncet. :r og ;ak! no confcience of fanflifying Sahhathi,&c•. And the1r. con{cien,·es let them alone in-all thefe, doe not give them one jjllahle of ill !an,guage: Oh What ,~entle, andgood-natured 'cotJfciene-eJ thin~ theft f!Jen they h~tve! _13 ut a~ tU! · what evil! c~nftiences have they? · . · , -, _. . . . .. . 2~, Nor others, by reafon. of a co7;1enant w~th.; · ~. Secure. and an ~~reemmt with·hell. Such as thofe, I fa. ~s: J ~ .. In pe~fc t~ere is. a· who negotiate by their plaulible Agents Eate,plea- roralldepolitJOn,botb · . - d r. . k" d' f 'J" d of A1mCS' and l=.nmlfureJ, pr·ofPers;J ; :md ~o~cll:l. e10tne 111 o concor. 1y; all hofiilc affccU- ~nd compofi~10nfor a time ~1th Sat~n, finne,aq~ ~~e1~ ons are put off: In .a· owne :contC1ences. , But to tell you· ~he truth, 1t IS no truce, there is but a true peace, but a politicke truce. For thef::: implacable, furpc:nlion,, and a cef. - defiperate fipirituall enemies·of theirs, are'ever ill the ~ae~~1° 0°ff Armedsf~ra . . . A O .J' d . . • ' .. 1c , o as urmg meane ttme, prepanng rme:s.. r'>l l)anee, an many the famr there is. fiill fiery darts, llill'levyipg of freih foices, wbol~. ar.irii~s pro·vilio~ofmorefor• of fiery' S~qrpim1s, . ari~.Raming terrours, wi~ whicp ces,and a. prepamion~ as foone as the truce is e.nded , .they willfet .uport t:heni of greater llrength. with more violence,. fury, ,and fi~rceneffe than ever before. . · ~ · l· Nor. 'others,. · BY. rea(oljl of an infen[tble brawned- 3.seared. nefie _ gro~ne ove.r, -?'11d a "rW!J?~r~t:e ~earedn~f!e i~pre3:. upon thetr confbences ·by e~traordmary vtllany,.and· , varie;ty iq finrie~ Such as.tho1e,Jfo. ~. 19. By drawmt , iniquity/ a long time with cords of vanity, andJinne; tU it were witf, l.{. cart-ropt:~ by ~a\•tng the glorious light of the Word'pn~er -~~i~hf~ex,qt, ~nd whi~h lhines:on · .... thetr faces,.as ~ foolijh t-bm,g Jr .~y vt}}at~ouQy , tramphng· ~·>M~ ~;o ·":· >WJunder foot tbepo.werof. tt ,wt~h dctplte, . and fcorne; f~, To'~ t; ~'MJJ~­ many times againfr tlia:t light,. whichfi:.;mds in their. tJ.Pot~Ft.~fltt- ~. confci~nces, like an ~rrrted ~an ;. Nay ,and' ~y treading. ~v~~~1~~~~ot. . out Wit~ ~qfrotne 1.n finl'\e, )the · v:ery_- no_ttonsth~t t~ature had1 ~ngraven.m thetr nearts ~ asmen ,J oe thl!. en.,.. gr~vings of J"orribe.. flones whiCh tney watke:upo'fl.; Wttb foule lhO~s .; .1 fay thus, at length their cqnfci ~nces .become fo utt~rl y remorfeleff~; and :pa(t all'fee\ ing :; f6, b~awned)Jo:i.6\red,. fo realed upwhn a reprobate fenfe; · thatWjtlJ. ~ri ·.aQ-dacious, .and-'~i~n~-like infolf:1"' cte,,