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----------~~-------------~ 102. InftruClio~J for~ right co~ortit~g , Sect. I. ------ 1. Ignorant• 1. Agreat number, by reafon of their ignorance in. the Booke of God; and by confeqlilent un-acqnaintedneife, with the finfulndle and cu!:fedne£Ie of iheirfpi· rituall ftate~ revealed thereby. ·This is the very cafe of a world of poore ignorant_befotted foules amongft l,lS :_ more is the pitty, efpecially now, when the glorious Sunne of Chriil:s Gofpell thines fo faire, . and fully in 1na~ places 1 for want of light in Gods Law, they look): upon their finnes, as we doe upon the Starres in a ,dondy night; fee onely the great ones of the firft ~agnitude; and here one, arufthere one: But if thc:_y ,_ were further illightened, and informed aright, they might behold them, as thofe infinite ones in the faireft, froll:y :Winters mid-night. A worthy Divine,fets out excellently the quietneffe of this ignorant Co.U:ience by a very fit rcfemblance, thus : (}i{en judge of their. ignorant_ Confciences, faith he, & they ~e of.their hlimie, dumbe, ind ignor~nt 0'/l[iniflers : Such neither doe, nor cazz preach; ,·an1neither tell men of their. Jinnu, nor of their dutin. ~~~<.! foch a blinde-guidls people, 'What their crmcqit u of him , and What A l<i,nde of man their c.:JJtfinifter U~ and )OH foa/l have himmagnifiedfor ~ pa(- jing, holfeft, . harmelej{e man, wondro.m q~tiet amongft -hit neig/,6onrs. They may doe what they will for him ; het -i.! "oHe of thefo troublefome followes, that -will 6e repro- - ving their f~tulu , , or compl~tining of their difordcrs in th~ _'Pulpit ; Oh foch -izn one u a.quiet 1.oodMan indeed• .Thm judte 'fiM!JJ of <their cr;nfciences. If their confcien~ ceJ bei quiet, ~tnd lye not gr~tting Hpon them, and te(ling thnn, that their courfes ·Are finfHiland damnahle, and thllt their perfons Are .in A dangerosu condition : 6ut rather !Jy their ft/ence, ignorance; and vaine preten,ces doe jHftifie them, .11nd tell them, allwiltbee w-ell enot~gh. Oh ' then wh11t excellent cDnftiences have_thefe men ! They ma~ no Conftienc~ of F "'!i/y-dttties ; once in the 7eare to cem~ to the ~llcr~tment fn-ves the turne : thq 11re 11mm~11 {wt'Arrr s -iw t.heir wdinary communictttion : · .-. mak!