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----------------------~----------------------. 'Part• 2. Cap. 4· AfjliEied { onfcimrn. I 17 Ct~~~~-~;er ha\'e beeno pat;dpned, por any S~mle; faved. A man wouJd rhinke ~t a Idler ill to tell a lie:,. _ than to lye in Hell: But heare Chryfoftome; .Altho'!g~ _ many thiflkf_f'fell to he the fup_redme .andfor4f of all ev•!:; )( yet 1 th~nk.{~hm, and thm r:'tlll diuly pre~ch :. Tha~ ~~ u jarre bitteYfr and m()r.e gruyom to·()ffend (hrijf, than to· If · . r · · d · h h · · · fH I! · · ~ · ' · ~. Fm • of "moLl reare• 6e.tormen:e -w~t . t e pamrs o e • . , . tu!J effc:th in 6. I tlS fuli of moft fearefull effi:cts. I.Deprivingus of lira 1. It deprives every Impenitent. I., Of t1le favour .rhe love of GoD the and love of God, the onely, Fountaine of all. comfort,. F.nher: peace and l1apppihes : which is incomparably ~he n1ofl: The ofehfift i~1\'aluable1o{fe,tha.fcan be ill\agined. z, Of, his por- :.. gr~c tion in Chrifrs bloud; of ~hich, though the ar~ps,.; . . waight, and quantity be numbred, finire, ~nd meafurable, yet the 'Perfon that Jbed it, bath fiampt upon it, fuch height of price, excellency of 1i1erit, um·al~abl~- ndfe of worth; that liehad infinit~ly better have.hi$' portion in that fweetdl:' \.vell-fpring of lite a'r7d ini.- mortality; tl)an enj<zy ther,iches, pleafurcs and glory of the whole World everlafl:ingly. For a bitter-fweet tafl:e of which, for an. in~hoftime, · H~e- villanoti!ly . tt41npleth uridcr-foot, as it ·were, that bldfed blotid ,~y wilfully cleaving to.bis owne wayes, and furious -fql-, . lowing thefwinge of his ownefeqfuall heart -.(~ven a- . gainfl: the checke and contraqichon of his. grumbling~- ·- confcience.) . 3· Of the mofl: bliifefj.1ll prefet1ce:. free- 3 'the comnltlnron of dome, and communication qf the Hoty Ghofl: ; and1al~.theHoly Ghofi•, . · ~ore divine illuminations, fpintuall ~afl:ingsJudden - . and fecret glimpfes and glances of heavenly light~ fweeter than fweetneffe it klre ~ where-with that good Spirit is wont to vi!it and refr-elb th~humbled · hearts ofholy men. 4. O(thefatherly proyiden..ceaod 4· The proteCtion of protea:ion of the ble!fed Tdnitie., the' glorious gua:rds· the Trinity. of Angels, the c<;>mfortable q)lnmuniori,with the people. ot God, ami all the happy confequents of fafetie,. deliverance and delight that floweth thence. 5. Ofthe .unlmowne pleaft1res ofan appcaied conkience1a jew- · ~· Thepieafur~ of2'n · ell3ppea(ed confn.cncc.