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120 Sect 1• • Inftrutli~ns ~r a right comJ_o_:_ti~~ · · ~--- t hou turnell into duO:, nay, rottenneffe and filth, much p1ore loathforne, than the Dung of the Earth ; and aU thr thoughts !"'i.fh. . But now on the other fide, i£ thou . cafr thme eyes,. and with intention upon that ': , · . thrice gl_orious and•highefl: Majefl:yJ 'the eyes of'whofc . • •· 'glory thou fo prov0kefl: with thy filth and foily, thou maydl:mofl: jri(Hy upon the commiffion of every finne · -cry out with the Prophet: · 0 He~tvens, /;e ~tftonijbed at ·thi.r : bee afraid, and litttrly confounded! Nay, thou IJtfightefrl marvell, at:}d it is God's:~lrif.Peakeable mercy, . -that· tlie; vvhole framerof Heavewand Earth is not f~r !' l . ·one firme fearefully, and·firially diffolvea~ :and broUght (bg)~rt~ atte·.t nought ·! ,For He agaihft.whom.thou finndl:,inha#· ru1aoem ge ·• ,,.. h · . ·, .Y h 1.1 _r ht h · t uindica71t',11eA11getos'tet · etercmry; . anuHnanr7J~c . t1171~. i1g • X ~HetJve~ u quidefll fulgoremilium-Hu Thrunc.;<and;the ear.,tJhthu fo.btflwle :, Ee lS)he nm:- -pei fuflin~re eoJTe._Jictj/ ldflitt!; Gudrrmiglf-tJ f'itJJ':rerrihlr;_,'f.he Creatour ofi;Ihe:e.nds _ 1p[os perfir:Jng~Det eo;:. of the earth, &c. The infinite fplendour of his gloIpdt,~, ut cum_ (otem . d M • fl: r_ ·d ·· I h £ 1 n . L... • • fjllendettm intsecr,i ~0 '>ry an . . aJe y ,1o az est. e eyes o ;.tle.molt,_gtv,nous lsemm. ?{ttfJ tamcn eta $erapht1tU; that they are glad·to adore Htm wtth covetegeb.!nt (lng~lifaci.em red fa(,:e.s (s).· The Devill,'; and:alltbe:damxied ipidts, fuam, qum_alsquo fi·ur:;tbofe-"frubborno·JFiends trembk.a t~the terrour'of. His rctn1 tu~ D 1 ;' conff 6 'eufl.,countel.1ancel. (~). t All the Natio11s., hifore Him-are·6ut a . m ta. cap. · , 'J.. 1_ L. L ,__ J n if ' 1. The mo!\holy Ant,c'r-~ t~e uroP of-a .ouc~t, , o~t ~ ~~/m~ll ~UJ" o .trJe oafwithout fpot ot finric lttnfe,· ~ay, they are nothmg to HtmJ fatth the. Prophet, i11 nature and confc~"·yea Je{fo than-nothing. ( J pEee Jittetih.upon th.e pitde of encc, yet c.>vcr thet~ tht.tMttth, ~nd the'inhtlhitanr..r thereof are Ill gr'afooppers: faces, as abalhcd at 1?"1. , I' .. J . . · d··p . ·, . h'' H Ll 1.. , Hisprcfence, though· ..t r;_e , ./Jiages, an r'tnc_e~ ?V en . ee: ~ owes upon /f:Jtm, ~oing his will in obe~-'' IIN !Pllt _ ~ flubble heforeJt~- '!"hzrle~-w,ude : And (k) He mg ihe v~vce of llls:taktth up the Ijles, tU a 1mylm!e thmg. (I) At Hu re• mout~· Throg,mtiii!Jui{t 1the Pillat'J of Heawn doe ./h11/it; the Earth trem.- ~(~ f)Al~t~·hP"o!•l 4"· ;!JtJetlij and-thC>fi' uiJndationMlthe h'ils ar.e mrwed.: . ('P) Ei.l 1:lla4. · · ' h · • 'h ( i) lob u.. · r preftnu ~l~s. :t e I m~unt ainer ; : H1s vnyce .teares_ t e ( k) lob ~6.n. · Roc~S--fri pteces, . (- n )- T_he hlafl of the hreath of hu no- (~) Pial. I 8/" Jirfl:r:; ~iJf·in;trf· f}ie ~hane!J of water J, ~~~d foundation: of (n) ~fa~~~ ,J: rrb~-· wcrld~ . wh~n ; f!ee _Is - angry~ .Hu v,1rrowe:d:snk! blur. 31 ~~,4~. 2bioud~ :: 'Bu fword _deviJ!'r:'J fief!;~ :and.thc fire of. hum: at~ Jfaiah4o. u. lnmm Hnto .•the loweft Hell. ) !Ihe He~tven u /;ut Hu j}anne,