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:Part.2>. Cap. } • Affli[/ed (on.f}imces. 121 ·fPanne, The Sea Hu han.dfuJI, The 1!'inglof.ihe wfnde His Pfal,m.xo't 3,~. WAlk;: H_f& garmen~,;. are_lrght, Hu_ Pav{/u;n dark.,.enef[e, ~~~~~~.:~~ :· Hu way m the whzrlew~nde, and ~n the flormq and the Ier. 51 , 1 /. &lauds are the daft of Hu feete, &c. The Lord of hofls · is his name; whofe power and'puni:bments are fo in1nitely unrefiflable; that he is able with one word to· ·turn eaU the creatures in the world into Hell;nay,even. with the breath of His mouth to turne Heaven and· Hell,and Earth,and all things into nothing•. How darefl: thou then fo bafu and vile a wretch, p:uovokeJo .great a God ?- C R Ai-P'• V. : Thirieene other cMfideratigns·to ketpe,m:en frof» j?Jne. . ~ . . . , .. . 1· I ·Et.the confideration ,. and' cempaffion·.. TI1ed ll I" . 1 . 1. d d 11 o. e royero[a{l ' · upon t e .1mmorra lty, . an ~arepene-immortal! Coulc. · of · th4t precious· Soule tl}at l~en11 thy bofom~~~ curoe -thy corr~;Iptions at the very firft fight of finne, .and Irnll<ethe~r {lep backe as though thou wert ready. to tread upon a Serpent. Notall the·bloady menupon, earth, or dUp~rate Divds inJI,ell,.can pc,>robly ~i_ll~and extinguifh the Soule of any man ; it mufl needs live,, as long, as·God Hitpfelfe, .and runneparall~ll,~ith the · longefl: lit~e ofeternity: ~nely fin_n~ w~~nds ( o) inor- (o) Mm q11tt noa fi1D'" tally that tmmortall fpmt, and brmgs-1t mto:that cur-do 11os IZ pr.e[enmm ·· fed cafe, that it had: infinitely better never,hav.ebeene, , ma/i.! vindica t, verN'fl ' than be for ever. Fo.r- bythis meanes going on impe- ad fupe~nam qn~~ vi- . · 1 h 1an. T 'b 11 · b ' · . tamjiepe·t~·adum,haud mtent .y tot at· u.. n ·una , 1t ecomes tmmortAitJlcioanpropriC morsap· · . . _ pellari que at, utpote · nompzc tnat,u quam re·formidab'i/u.".-;--Vna tJita.efl'om!o& i1d'vitam conjtC/QsbtZbere. p~ ,, feccat~tm) tznim~.enim ejfjnteriti/4, Na:tian. defunere Patris• · · mor.t~t/1.;;