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Part.z. Cap. 5. ~Jjli[lcd Confcicnccs. neffe and power, that being let out by a Speare, it amazed the whole Frame of Nature ; darkened the Sunne miraculoofly (fqr at tbat time it flood in direct (t) op- (t T • _, · · h M ) fh k h E · h 1· h ) tmc temporu alii po{iuon to t e oone oo. e t e art ' V: uc L~tminariafuerrmt tii· ilirunke and trembled under It, opened the Graves, jtawtif!ima. Nam soft· clave the Stones, rent the Vaile of the Temple, from rat ilJ gradtno• .Arie~ the bottome to the top,&c. Now it was this alone and tu, ~ Ltma in gwlu nothine: but this could poffibly cleanfe the fild1 of fin. brro. Ltbl.r.e . Ifiasfite~~- '""' f h I b J • cl as, tquet non ut1 .~ Had all the du~ o t c cart 1 eene_turneu tnt~ ll ver, e." n~tttrafi Sol M. del~~ and the fl:ones mto pearles ; Should the m_ame and qttio, ob id quod Lim.t. boundldfe Ocean have fheamed nothing but purdl: tum ptenP,ad c'~jtl6 pie~ gold · would the whole world and all the creatures nrtudilum Ittdfi P_af- ' ' cha ez /, p '{i. t in Heaven and Earth have offi:red them{dves ~o bee c{lebrab egtM rt~ cnlp 0 · · d b l" b" · c. H d 11 h "bl rr: d an ,na ura tm anmhtlate lS angry 1ace ; a a t e eue Solis Eclipjim cau[are Angels profl:rated themfelves at the foot of their Crea,- 11on poterat. tor : yet in the Point of redemption of Mankind, and pnrgation of finne, not-any, xwr all thefe, could have done any good at all. Nay, if the Sonne of God Him- _felfe, w~ich lay in His bofome,fhould hav~fupplicated and f9li~ited (I meane, without (t) ft1fr~ring and _fhed- (t) Cum dicim~ •~irt"! ding· His bloud) the Father of all mercies • Hee could m~dumreco.nc1l~a tzo~~s. ' b h d ·. h. afe . h 'h s rfw!Jc pojflbi/em,mtellegz not hav~ _·eene ear m t lS ~ • . E1t er t e onne o votufl11tj de poffibilitata 'God mufl: dye, or all mankmde ~e ete-rnally dampc~. abfo!~tta,qt(DJ!tlrei ipft.- Ev.en then, w~en thou art provoked to finne, thtnke JU na~ttram. ~ s; enim kriouOy, and fenfibly of the price that upqn neceffity ~eo t•ifu~fuiffet,p()tu- . Jilu{l; be paied for it before it be pardoned. . iffi.t homlm omma {1111 • ~: : ' • dtMla CtJndonare »MIIa • 1 1. S!nwll pl~afures·· ~re atte"d~d ~1th a threef~ld "-~fr'l'acc.epto, vei pobl~ter {hng. _Whereof ~ my D•retJ•ons for~~~*~"!. tuifftt minima Chrifli -mth 6cd, pag. 171• Which though the Dev1ll h1des paffitJne.content[1$_tff4 • , • · . . f!.Uamv14fc[e mortm~ fobJecif[tt : fid P ~ttrm~n: Dtl ~eere!um.fPe~em.IU tli ~btra~do human~ t,t'llet·c per f!llrtem filr, t11m rx hac bypMhefi 'fi'~>llt.t pr.eord~nattonf!? ~cctffarl~ (111~ mtm.Chr1fli Aa Ttdemptiolilmkurn•nA»~:N am 1mpof!ib11e t{l. vtl ut fa/Jatur d1-~11Ja provulentu>vel ut mutcntur divina dtertt• Daven.antiu~ Expo f. cp. ~d c. I. v.:r.o._In eo 11911 imm_orabimur •'!n 'Dt114 atio modo quit.,; fJ~r fot~s{act,~nem (hrt ft1 _nss fe'nJare potu. me. F a~emur C'lllltJ no~ ,net ~!fjit etur C_l·(rlol. quicquid IJic ob1jCU,1111Uam a/lam VIll m m•verbo 'Del lac promdt, & ,Rmtre de at;a ab mlmmbsu !lifputar~ &e. R!!fpont Anthon. Wallzi. ad cenfuram loan. !unoldi Coryini. c. 2.r. f!.!! poili-' JjJe Deum alio 'J.UOtJk___modo pw.;idere [A/ut i hotTJinum?fed bo1 ;llpluit,ue niji h«. Cbi&Uitrut. Tom.:..Lib.f.Cap.a. Scet.,, u . ~ttendedwitbathreefoldfting~ · ' x· .. from ~"" - ~ ,··,-........._ . .