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1 H Inftru£lionJ for a right comforting Sect. I. · the!'e three f:ver~ll things in finn::, ther~ are anfwering thre~ fingular O:mgs of extreameO: pumthment. To averfion from thechiefefl: Good, whichis objed:ively i·nfinite, there anfwereth Paine of loffe as they call it, Privation of Gods glorious prefence, and feparation from tho~ endleffe joyes above, which is an infinite lo£fe. To the inordinate converfion to tran~tory things, there anfwereth Paine of fonfe, wh1ch is intenfively finite, as is the pieafure ~f finne : And yet fo ex- . 1 • s· treme, .that notie can C'onceiv-e 'the bitterneffc: thereof, (C) .At mquzrmt. me L h' fc 1 h· r. rfi. ·~ . • h · h · . . 1 p iri noiJ debet uut t e ou et at 1llrr.:rs It, nor t at nelt er; except 1t ::~a::, fine, J~{tU6 C{)Uld _compreh~nd rh: Almigh~y wi~dome of. ~im .nimiritm eft ommpotes that dtd create It. Tb the etermty of {mne re[ilamtng veuj,£tq~ted'IZon_etcr- for ever in fiaineand,guilt, anfwereth theeterhityof '}. n~ peccito ~ommt~~ puniibmet)t. F~r W~e n1HI1 know ,( 1 ) that everj im- ~~~~frf~:~~;::O. ki-p~nitent ftf!ner. wo'lf!d jinne1e1J~r~ V Eee mitht live: e?er; btM citirl.mfpondeW1114, and caftetb hzmfelfe hy jinmng mto an ~mpojfi61lzty ~f ~uod r~acdic~r'en_t; Ji ever ceaffng to finne 'of Him[elfe :. a; ¥t M. an that "ca]leth 1ude·q~f!tM dz:fb·z~u{- himfelfe into a del~ P. it, Clln n:ever:of Himfelfe rife. attt tjUCVCnztns,nOlJCOYda f • • _ .J (J · 1~. ·•./', ' • ' ' 11 " r · :tt. bominum fed 1 acta pen: o tt ag a;n.e : ~· . ~ fmte_; ore natu;.~'!J etmm.J.. o pumJ':~ faret. Iniqui enim ideo ment. u . d~e to finne•. ijow ptqdtglous a thirigthen IS tunc cum fine dtlique- finne, and how infinite!y to b~ alShorred;and avoidtd', r1~nt; q11ia ~um.fme that by.a·malignant meritoriouspoyfoq and provoca- · ;~'f;;;ep;,efi~:~f:ff::e: t}on, do~h; ~iole~~~Y: Wre~ o.u~: of th~ hand~ o~th_e Fa-.. ut fine jmc pott~iffent the: of fr!ercus, d1J'd. f!o1.P/ ~J;Il c_omfor;, . t~e full vials q~ in miquitat,ibrM per· that unquenchable' wtath~:whn:h bnngs eafeleffe, enc~-: 1 'marrerc. Nam ma~iJ leffe; ·and reme·dileife ' tor1rients :upon His owne cre(l~ afpet:mt p~cc~re,quam tur<~s, and thofe orirrinally moll excellent. vwere. Et Jdeo hzc {em- · T hl ~~ .h · h d · n. · bl rr~ ·f per vi~:ere cupiunt, ut . I _o_. ent y, 1 1e. etg t . an ~?e~tlffi~ ..enenc o. nunqr~am d~fi.,..ant pec- the pnce, 't~at was pat.d f9r. the ex,21at19:n of It, ,doth tare.~~~'!~ vy.1tt1>~· .Ad c).e~n!!Y ma:uf~fi:, nay, l!"}fi.n~~e~y agg~~vate th~ e_xecra.. 1·tfl~zaz Jttd•m erg~ blc: mtrery of !fnne; and extreame madneife of.all rhat Ji~fllt~t~.m pertmet,/t meddle witH' it. l meane the hearts..bloud of Iefm · ~auant 1 up- /'h ; ~ bl d:!J) fi · . · 1· i . fr. h · '· · r plltij.s, qJioru._m u:cns in .L,' ri;J~, .- euo;;; or ever : W uc J o 1UC pre~lOUJ'" .ha,c vitu.nllnquam.viJ. · · · . . . . · · /11it cimrepeccatO; & n~tl£u& tfttur ini~t#J t~rmi'rfi!J llftiOJIU)qtfi' qUtltndiUVll/tJit ;habere 1/0{Hit, terminum c.~im,izis Gr'eg. Expt:~f. Mbr. hb ~4· 'CafM6dncap.4'I,lob. /: . Io.:Thai: which' cannot be wip'c out but by. the heam bloud of Ch1 ift. , . r:eife