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Inflrutlions for aright comforting Sect. x. to fay : J"o wit; That Hewou!drathe! have Re//! being innocent, and free from jinHe ; than polluted wst? the filth thereof, poffeJTe the.kf:.ngdome of Heaven. It IS'reported ·of at'lother ancwnt holy Man, that Hee was , wont to fay: . Bee would rather bee torne in pieces with (') Alium jrwtnifi .e- wilde h.;rfes , tha? wittingly _and ~llin.gly commit ttn] we florentem,inama-Jinne. lerome alfo In Qne ofH1s Eplfl:les,tels il (h ) ~Qnif!imoJ hfJitu/Q~ p:.ecc- ry of a young Man, ofmofr invincible courage, and pi~ abdt~ ~· i. _I blql mm confrancy in the Profeffion of Chrift, under fame of lJita candeutla , & ru-h· bl d p s • 1 E h· c. £ Th-' · htntes ro[tU , cum tcn'i t e _ou y er1eC~lting mperours,to t _IS ren1e : ey tutta murm1tre aqua- had little hope as It feemes,to conquer him by torture; tum[erperet rivu&, & and therefore they take this courfe with Him :. They mo.lli fib ilo,ub~ru {o!ta broucrht Him into mofl: fragrai'lt Gardens flowins ~~~b~xh·~;g~~g;;:!k with 0 ~11 pleafure and delight ; there th~y laid Him up- /eCW re{itpinari : E.t ne on a Bed of D~~ne foftly enwrapped In a r:e.t of filke ; je inde [ioffitcxcutm, amongll the Ltllles, and the Rofes, the delicious mur- . ~lan4is., ferico n_cx~rM_, mute of the frreames, and the fweet whifrling of the m-et>tu relmqm. <><..!fO leaves· the~ all depart and in comes abeautifull fl:rum... &um recedentz bu~ cur.- ' i; h ' · · · tt~ meret 1ix fpecio(a pet, and U1er all th~abh~mm~bletnckes o~Her tmv.cni~et, cepit dclicatu pure Art, and whonfu vtllames to draw Hun to her eonforingm oolta am· defire: Whereupon the yong Man, rearing that Hee ptu~br<& Et quod dztt:t fhould now be conquered by folly, who was Conqueq1wqJ (ccfM c~. manz· . c._ . f ·. c · J 11. • f f" t: tt nare virilia re, over wry, out o an tn11nlte uetenatton o mne, ~~~~~are~' 'b· ff . fl" ... "hh" h ut cofporcin _ribidir~cm ttes o a_ p~ece . o 11s 1 ongue Wlt IS owne_t~e~ ,. .tancitaco fevtfirixzm- and fptts lt 111 the face of the whore: And fo hmd.ers pud~aa ji1perjaccret . the hurt of finne, by the ftnart of his wound. I might ~;pd_ ag,er~t mtles have becrun withlofe"h who did fo bravely and blef,. "' Cmsfiz,& 1 uo [e vertc b 0 b r ' . . c. .r. ret, ne.fC1cbat.-TanJedly. ~at . acke, ar:d rrampleunder ?ts xeet~he_femu .. derti' c~~;titt's irJjpirati.JJ all ft>hcttattons of hts wanton and wxcked .M1frns. He pl·~tcifa'!' morru lirJ had pleafL:Ire and preferment in his eye, which were gu~m m of~lflcmtu fe fl:rongly off..: red in the temptation ; but he well knew, lac~em expMt: fl.C fie/;- h ll 1 ffi · d h · ld b ·d'· · fe-nf11m fucrc · t at not a t 1e o ces an onours m £gypt, cou le::~1to;· i.s mdonit~do take offthe guilt ofthat filth; and therefore herefolved • fupcr a·vit. Hie~onym. rather to lie in the dui}, than rife by finne : How can I If 3 ~ rrac1.S.. Epi(l. 37 ·doe this;reat wit·~dnef[e, andfin againft God? lmight~· · li'aae along to the·Mother and feven brethren, 1.JI{ac.7. who chofe.,- rather. to. paffc thorow horrible.tortures, ·· · ani