Bolton - HP BJ1278 .C66 B6 1640

Part.2. Cap. 5. .Ajfti[l:._d (onfciences. and a moil: cruell death, than to elete f;i~es fiefh againft the 'Law : .,1\ndfo Come downe along to that noble Army of Martyr! in ~ene 0£arie' s time ; :vho were contented with much patience; and refolutwn to part with all, wife, chrldren, lioerty,livelihood,life it felfe ; .;ven· to lay it downe in the flames,_rather than to {ubinit. to that Man of Jinne ; or to fu~!Cribe to any one Poi·nt of His Divellifh Doelrine. . , 133 Thus as you have heard, I have rend redmany rea:- fons to rellraine from fin; which by the help of God may ferve to take off tp~ edge ofthe mofl eager temptation; to coole the heat.'ofthe mq{t,furious entiCemerit; to embitter the fweetell bait, tha~ dra~s to any 1Cnfuall delight. Now my mofi: thirfi:y qefite and -earnell: entreaty is, that everyone iuto wpofe hands, by Gods providence this Book of mine iliall fall,after the-- perufall of them, would paufe awhile upon purpofe, that He may 01ore folemnly vow, and refoh'e that ever hereafter, when he fhall be fet upon, and affaulted by allurement to any finne, He-will firfi: have recourfe: unto thefe twevty conjider~tiows, I have here recommended unto Him, to helpe' in fuch cafes; and with a· punt'tuallferim!(neffe; let them fi1>1ke'.into His heart,be.. fore He proceed and pollute himfelfe. I .could bee 'conte11t, if it were pleafing unto G o D, that theie lines. which thou now readefr, were writ with thewarmeftbload in mine ]leart, .to teprefent:l!llto thine eY,e, ~he· cl~are ~ffi:Cl:ionate:nefle of my Sptd~:~: ·(or thy fu!}#i~~lt and eternall ~90d ; fo that thou WQlt~aeft ~e~thorowly· perfwaded,.and now before thou.paife any further,fin- €erely promi~ fo to doe !' · · ~<!-· 3· Thirdly, The point may ferve to fet outthe ex• 3· vre ro fer ~t t'he:: cel~em;y of rH.a.t .high aoclheavenly Art,of comforting ~~~~:fu~~i~f t~h~:. afthcted conibences. ."fhemore dangerous and defpe- flittcll. g .rate 0e wound is,tbe more doth it magnifie,and make· :rdmtrable the my!l:ery and method of the Cure ai1d' tecove~.:y.. Which itwelll<nown~·, and' wife~y ·· · pratlifed ; ,