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134 . ) Jwjlruflions for A right totnj'orting Sect.~· praCl:ifed ; what aworld of unneceffi.ry flavifh torture· in trouQled minds would it prevent ? So many thoufa'nds ofeoore abufed, deluded Soules fhould notpe. ri lb, by the damning Batteries, and cruell mercies of unskilfull 'Dawbcrs:what an heaven offpiritualllightfomne!lb, and joy might fhine in the hearts, and iliew it felfe in the faces of Gods people ? Vntill it pleafe the Lord to move the heart~ .of my learned and holy Brc:- thfell in popalous Cities and great congregations, who mull qeeds have.much imployment, and variety of experiments this way ; or fome {peciall men extraordinarily endowed and exercifed herein, to put to thei~; helping hands, and £urnifh the Church with more large and exact difcourfes in this kinde ; tak~ in good part this E faJ of mine. .. Sect. z. Part. 1. CHAP. I . . The firjl erroHr in CHring (on/dences is the ~~nflafo1MUI4 ttppl]ing of &omfort to them that farrow mt at all. I • ~~~t3Herein I fir!l: dc:lire ta difcover and ret'ti.; ) lN't/ 11711 ' fie fome ordinary aberrations about {pi• rituall Cures. WI'Iich fall out, when · the Phyfitian of the Soule \ v rirc:afonable applic:a· I. Applies unfeafonably the Corditionofcomfouis.con. als of the Gofpell, and comforts of · uaryto Mercy; when the Corrofives o{ the Law and comminations of judgement are~ ccrtvenient and lutable. Were it not ab1urd irrSurgery, t0 powrc a mo!l: foveraigne 1J 11[fom of exquifite eompofition, and incll:imable price UpOn a found part ? lt is farre more unfeeme· ·Jy and ~le!R:, ·a-n~· of an infinitely ·more pe!l:ilent confc-