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JJaxt.r. Cap. 1. A]JliUed (on.fticnces•. chargecfli!is Minillry,dr~"Ys the fwo~d ·of -the s-pirit! with und~nt:dneffe of fpmt, and · finkes prefently at: 1 the \'ery face-ofthofe fearefull'!innes,whkh raigned in His prindpall and mofl: e[Uinent Hearers l ' though He. ftood now before. them ·n1 bonds, at thetr mercy and devotion,,as they fay. H~ fhrewdly (:!}galls the Con~ (I) . Ttmta. .erat·verh(J-1 ftience of. that (m) ,g,reat Man;·' by oppofing righteouF- r~~J~J ~a11li vu, ut&·' .neffe to His bribing cruelties;temperan,·e to his (~)adul- P~nmpem ftY.YCilllt. • • .. h d df!....l {] f . J l@td. ter 0~1~puuues, t e rea m n~ue o . j_uagment to con:e ( 111 ) Magtto eoJtat~ to H:s mtolent lawldfe_t;mtrages and dctpe~atefecnr~-·magw.u nugif,sagm1t . tie. Had p ~rul addreft htmf.:lfe to have fattsfied thetr ( n) DrufiUa cmriofities,. as many a ri!ing, temporizing tre11char-libidi;.:ojffima ab A'{]~ · tJhaplainewould have done very induf!:riouily;and to ~ Em~fcnf1rm,. rtt,t • . l · ' h 11. d. r. {" c. 1, t.~rcumc•(b 11.d hmtt Fe- •entertame t 1e ume · Wlt a genera · 11cour e o 1 t 1 ,e liccm·Palhzmu NeriJIIU wonderfull birth; life, and death of Iefru Chrijf, now libertifratrem,prl{a· fo tpuch talk•t Gf abroad in the world ; with a pleafing num ho'!'intm,tranfiit difcovery; onely of the many mercies, ,paroons1 and-N am hzc fi.ngulariej~~& 'glorious t~ings- purclias'a to the Sonnes:;of Men,by .·his P 5ttl&hrttudm~ _,:aJ! 1 t:u 1 dtt.. d dl ' ll · .h t. • • . 1 tmon~m qttt11Eut11J 11.• ~ oo me ; not me mg at a. Wit t11tr'rr mmton ue.;,. dte9;·Ji. gtliere CyfJriuNJ . ltghrs ot be.aRly lufl:, and .otbed1ns ; 0 then,they had {11bornavit , qt~i fuu tt~ : litl:ne? unto himwith m:1ch a~ceptation_, and delight; ?·~ci;:ijJ ad 'Jt (/1) fl;. Tlli/'· all thmgs had beene carrtedfatre,and favourably : P lluf ·M.&· eam tJ r:IJ_tctret~ L d b ' ' . r d . d r.. fi dd n1 fil . N Bvrh nau~ht. tJU/, Io" ua . not ee~e mterrnpte ·.' an 10 u e y 1 ~nt ; Gr feph. Andq. Lib. t~ Fel~x · fq fnghted, and~ohflempered. · Bmtlus Man<_>f (0 ) . See Ezcd1 p8. Go D, knew full wellthat that was not the. way ; ne.r- ~~- oves pmliderit. ther beet fur them, - nor for His Maflers honour, nor vel t11p~ · ':apientibu~. ·fOr the comfort of· His owne confcience • . And there- vet. Lz-trnmll~ adm·~· r. k. r.c •• r.. 1 ' tnt;bta, vel lue aJ:. xor.e ,Hee ta es.a, c~wet x: Tyrantto tremb~e; q11a, ilut alki id gmtei tha~ thereby Hee mtgbt etther.- bee fitted for Chnft, fa(ufitvi€n te: frntaf. which was ~ft of alr; or aHeaft made inexcufable,but (is vcrJ.ill.m nvnnuliam·it howfoe_ver ,that in fo.doing_His1uty might be difcbar- Domi11o ' grt,i> im~­ g.ed, and .Soule delivered: holding it fa11rebetter, that tr~ :tfind& /'ttlttrn!Jt H' B d ,, ld b . b ·- d li h' ul . . f~:rege • . amnum ntttc , Is o y.ulQU e lll on s, t an 1S So c: gudty o nifipwmi:i. cnftat. At G 0 ) hloud.- . .. · vcro Cfli -homi11es ipfi, Orthodox :.Antiquity was·.of•the fame mitidc, .and rati.rul/u ()Jrqligrez, . . . . · . . • . concrediti'/Mnt , hutte 'V.'bttJ d~perd~t~'4071 pteunzaru"'.,~etlammtt}ropr!ll jaCluram f accrt opmet. Cbryfot. ~­ S~erdouo. Lib. :z. • . 4· Tb~ op1ruon of the Ancients. . · for ; .;. ,- I · '