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JnjlruCfio"tu for a right comforting. .. Se4 · l'l:. '· "-'""----------~ - --·-- ·- - - yet Orthodoxe, ttmft goe /Jefare the Dae!rine of 'the Gof-- prll, that the oyle of~? may bepowredinto 11· contruc ( J) Rolloc. In !Hr lit· vejfetl. · tio~m, qu.e fiur;.t ad .In oHr exhortation! to follow {hrift., faith (z} Rolloc.' Cbrsntu~ fqtt~n!puamr_: the minds ef mm are ever to be prepa~e.d with a fonfo of mi- ;e;-pe uo 1un r~'"' a· .. d h. . 1 l.. ,/1. d ,.r, d . h J,r; . dianimihominum{cn ftrJ,an t an aJterwar W1t a:uc;trefJf fu mifot'i~t& tenebr.~ m/argemen._t and light. !~>r>~11.c pro~nd~,~.:efide Jt iJ the care of tho(e Minifler!, which divide Gods _obm:tiOJtM atque Word aright, fay our (a) great Divines of Great Brio lfi&M, (n Iobanc:. 8 . fi ./1. fi l d :r.f d b· /' ,r;. f (a) Divines of Great tau:e, ~r 1• · Jey:_. an w~:~ery to woun t e ~ onJctencts o Britaine. Miniflri4 the~r h.ear.ers. w1th the terrour.s of the Law, and after to . fJerb~m Dei ~eae fo. ·~ rai[e _them by the promifl.~ of the GoJPell,-&c. ' 1awt:bmcura/~cumb•t . (b) The Jpirit firft urrijeithofo, Who -are to be jufli.- . :&::;;~den::;J:f:n~:fie.d, . with th,e L~'!': brMkin{ and ~mnblhtg them. with . ' primo legis . t_mwib~ t:hre_a~!, fo()Ur{eJ,andl~f/Jes-of C:on~z-ence;that.thereb.y deo. - Jjm_ci~ndi,· d~mdc ~u.1o [;ng of t.h€mfel "es. t.hry may jlte unto .chrift. : ·· g~lrc.uPromiffismgen~ We cannot learne out of the (jojpell, fatth (e) Chem• ~~4C ~o[de~ hof,tdandt .nitius, that-we are to be blef{e.din (hrifl, except by an an~, · ""'premtenttam,' em . h .r: .,. I k fl/', 1.. , 1 · h q11eperprcwefrlacbry- .tlt e<IS,. a&. LUt1erfpea es, wea'Jot~c~r;w~eage,t aJ'We · m.u it Veo. pettndam. are accurfod by the Law. / ·, (! change onely rh~ ., Jho DoCl:tii1~ of the-Law, faith (<1) Dav~m;.ntds to- . Moodc and Tenfc~rbee propoundedJo-the-impious.and impenitent---~·to one yerby butkcepe 11 'k. · · ·. ' t.~ • · h d d f1 · - thcfen!c.J~utfragium 1.tFI . eterro(!nto~--u"tr · eacts~_ an ·t-o . emon .rate .. etr: Colleg.~h~ologor\Jm JUG: .damnatiOn;, .ex~c~ ~.hey_ ~ep~nt!_ an~. flie toJefus Mag: Bn~an.&c:P·:~~;;C~mfi. . . . · ., . .• . ; , . . · , (b),en!m· J~- _ .. _ fe) _P;er.E£n.(tbat·gre~ Lightofour Church; ·hoth' ftifi~andosfr~mflum tllc~- for foundneffe oflearnihg, ftncerity of judgemer. Jt~and -rct.ege,mrms. age u ,. r. b . h ,/1. f Ch' ;n, h' h R &cim[&ienti.e r.;crbtri .mng~ t mto t ~ M;;-·ery o r~;.,_, · teac mg, ow e~ 'b.U4;· tos (rangens atq11t . , -:; 'bt/mi(ia.ns qu~ de fe.ipfi.s .dt(par..antu con.[1.1girmt ad\ Chrifl.1tm -r::~r. in cap. 8. ad Rom~ . · ( •·' ) Chcmni~iu.s . ' Euarrg;eti'Hm 'generat'lfn, & pr6 tot.Z dnctr;na(hrifti, accept1~m, eil pr.e- . • dicatid pamtenti.e & remijfionij peuatfJrum. Neqm,enim ex,Euiwgelio addi(cere poffiemrt1110f in {hriflo effo benedicent/!fS1 ni:fi per antit-hc[in, Ht Lutherus- loquitur~ (lmut tzgnofca~UJniS pe;-lcgem effe maledtCios :--Tr.edicdio panitenti~ five agnitiot;iJ peccatarum nece~tmo pr.e• 111itti debet, fi ·fides de recQnciliatume .loc-um:·habae debeat. Harmo. E tJallfl· Cap. 7J· ( d) Davenanr. DoflriRa !egi-s ·pf'oponncnda efl imptjs · :id terrm~m .;.,,uti.endumj. ad demon~randuinf it ftam dlomm damnation_em, 11i rt{ipil&imt, & ad.Chr~fimn .Mediatcr.en;;oon• f ug)a'Rt. In cap•.r. a~ Coloff.. (<) 'I'erti.nJ~ Of thc"natute anJ prattife o.f Repentance• C!la.P:3·.R9m . S.lf~