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Part.I.. Cap.t. ~Jfii&ted. Confciencfs. ~ 14~ pentance is wrought;· tell .us, T~latfirftof ~~~a cMan , :muft ha'!Je. k!z?wledge of foure th1,ngt ~ Of the Law_ of '· Goti: Of/inne agamft th; La."W: Of tkgu~lt . offin. :. and .; ·~the judrmmnt of (joaagarn.J!. Ji~r.e, Wbtch u Btu!cr:- · 'naif Wrath. In the fecand Place mufl follow an applt~ .cation of the former . ktfowlcd,w: ~o a M ant ·felfe, hy the ~or/?s of the Conflience ajfifted by the HolJ (jhoft., which . for that 'CitH{e U ea/led the jpirit of voiufage : .in thu manner. · · , · TBc hrea.~r of the Lm., u guilty_of eternall wrat~.'~ith the Mmde: _ . ..· . _. ·.., . · ~ut I am a 6reak_tr of th.e Law a/God, faith the. Csn- . fcience as a Witneffe, and an Accufer : · · . Therefore I an-; guilty of eternal/ death, faith the fame ". Confcience, as a· judgy. ' , . ·· ;· " . . 1 .. :13pery Lyar_ .fofl/l. have hii p~trt in the ~akt, ,,.h{ch bur._. neth .with fir~ andvrimftonc, Revel. z 1o 8. . · But I am a '.Jar: . . · Therefore I foal/ have "'1 ;art in that everlaf1ing fi(-._ "' . ry Lakt. · . . ·. . ,- And fo. of other Gnnes : Cevetoufne!fe, Crucltio~ Drunkenne£k, Whoredome , Swearing, J?efrauding1 Temporifing) Vfury, Filthineffe, Selfe.;.uncleatmdfe • F oolifo talking ,jeflin;;. Ephcf. 5·4· 'Rvroclling1, Ga/:5 . 2 l. }lrophaniQg the Lords day, ftrange "PftereO, Zeph.. t. S. And innumerable. finnes moe .; wJlich bdng all feveral~ ly prefl: upon the .heart,. by a difeourfe of th~ gt,1ilti~ .confcience, as I have faid, mufl: needs frill forely cntfh it .with many cutting concl~:~fions : from which ~ton b! t~e fp;rit of ~omlag~~ is wo~t to arife much trouble .of mm de~. ~htch, fa1th Hee, lS common! y call~d th~ . · fling of the "C onfclencc,or ptnitence, and the compunUidfl A is 1 3 ' if 11eart, And then Jua;ceds fea{onably, ami'comfor- • • 'f• tably the worke of theGofpell. The Souie being thus ~enfible.of, and groaning under the burden of all finne, .IS happily (f) fitted for all the glorious rev-elations of (f) s m . . ,!he ~undaat ~iche~ of99» s~e!reft ~~ci~; . fo~ Mac,1~:1s:&';:~~: