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~--.:;..---------------------...._,. Injlru8ions for a·right comforting_• . 1 Sect'~ ·~· , ----------~----- ·---~ --...... · -:------ the comforts,graces,~nd favours which lhine ftomtheface of Chri£l; for all the expiations,.refrefhings, and : · cxultations,which fpring out ofthatblefied Fountaine~ · opened for finne And for unclumnejfo. ._ · - ' (g)Greeneham.orre· Never ""lJ of Gods Children, faith (s)'Grceneham, . pentancc Seran. 7• 'flere comfortid t~orowly~ , but thry .were firft humbled for , their /innu. · · ,. ~) Himn. ThePrea- T_he. courfe ~Arr~nted !Into U4 hy the Scriptures~ . faith , chcn Plea. pag. ::r.o1. ( h) Hteron•. u thu: Fzrft, to ende~~:uour the foftmng of,' our HeArers hearts, 6y hringin,~them to the fight andfonfo Ierem. -t• 3• of th:ir ~mu 'Wretchednef{~, .. hef~re 'We Adventure to 11ff/y; tht r1rhes -ofGoJs mer'J rn Chrijf le[ us, The pr.eachmg:· of the (jofpelt il compared b.J our Saviour himfelfo ·unto - the .Sowing of fted : a& therefore the. ground u ftrjf to~ JIP with tke p!ough; /,efore ihe feed hee t:ommi~ted :· ursto it-: :(0 ~'he-'fallowground ~pour. hMrn:mufl: firjf6ee · ~r.oi(sn up "¥Pith the -foarpnefl! Of the -Lifw, nnd the veri te.rrour of the Lard, hefore wee can-hee f~ to entertaine. the [111eet fotd of the.Gojpe/1-•---;..J .wouldhave ~e Prt~t·· che~ to preacli:peace,and to a;me 1ft nothing tmre..,thitn the com~P'JS. lof .t'he s ~ute!s 'Of Godt ·people_: . yet' I /ll'ould h~tv: ' hip;:.J!iith¥111, .:frnme. .bh ·Cof.!rfo . •to th~ -p'Mhntr· ·of golfs'. g_ppeAYing'to =Elija'b~ . The1Te"'X_'t'[~tith, ; th~tt 'ftrft 'unigh~. tl<iQg. '.9 •U> h· tie: Jfrong '"'inde -,.mi: the-; -Mountaincs, and 6rA/(sthe· rqckfs: . ibtn, 'afttr ·thltt'camt an eafthquak.rt:; and ljtfter{ . 't~t::e"Arih~ua/?J tame 'foie;: ._and '-after· tt!J,thefo, then c-ame. il .{flitl; iltid apft r1J~tiLJ e:Afkti!f~ej fome :ma?m'er, J}voull. · 'not -rtJaiJ~ rth~Itflitf ''ifnd m!fde '· ivdjet ·'DJl the: qojpt!l come,' ~till' t~~ : ft_r.onf._!e'mJeff.rop. ih~ -JJaw-~ h~th :rent t/,e fton.r llearts .ofirn,e>n, rand 1la:ve 'hfMe )he1r_ !Jellm to 'trfmMe, · ~.,'!d ;.~.:,ttln#eifr'to ' !ffltbrin~o 'th'e'iVIIoit~j·.-·--Or rafledfh w-.f~'Aufe~-~11~ a ~difcde~ · iire"~ik'ti, c'unfijfttJ£ Of '111~,_8(,f1i~ "'I'JiTs h'u_mottP.s, ,. ~t f!J~)l;·~e" goodjor<Htm, 'to-ddwerBu · -JQ.tlrin~ With .J tliat lcautirm ·; thlit -ncithtr 1he· 'humble'il · -. {.aut~s !m~Zj )gee ·a1frig~teil~#/1 the fe1.!erfJj Of. g~dJ:jedg~- 'P~~ .. ~,~N'/~:~ " ( ) 'lf!l!!f(J~n~?IJt-rp~~PklanC' ~~tinr~pin.ran~,.~Yo1!ft~f/!it"f: ·· ,; ~- ~~~J : i;r_mei 'lfblhi~li'f~ : ~Gol.~·~rt.J.·~~-:~:1Tl?.epc:~~ .