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JnflruEUons for. arigh't comfortint rers. Lukc4.~J.. but de Clero, faith He, ~a~tlii.r fault fi'omthe Clergie, to their teaching was wit, thdt not ( 1 ) ,men-pleafers,mzda/l.jinnesare hcanletre, cold, fro · eajily cut downe. But if they blunt and rebate the edge Zen andformall. Ne- f h S d.~ h S . . . hd b' fl IJ:Itc'e;.:i.on dl~bium eft, o t. ~ wor oJ t .e pzr:t 'W_lt. aw mg atte~y, .tem- - fmnmo vigore (umma- ponzmg,; or, O:nke With 1t In a fcabberd ganfhly and queveritatis~i; chri- gaudily embroiderd·with:vaTiety of humane learning, {t~ .fermoncsfuifft pM- tricks ofwit,Frier-likeconceits,&c, it cannot poffibly du~s ; quurnmtmf~! cut to any purpofe · it kils the Soule bqt not the finne•. Smbarum, & Pbar:- h h ' . h r. ' d · f.cor11m dofJrina torpi T ey are. t e onely m~n,_ OW.t~::ver worl ly. w1fe~ d.1. cffet,etmnbi&,& fri- . dome rave, and unfanchfied learmng be befides 1t felfe, . gida. Apud .MJrlorat. to beat downe finne,batter the Bulwarks of the divell, l fl Mat. c:p. :.3.19··. and b~ild up the Kingdome of ChriO:; who fetting a- ~2rt~~~db~Jt1:; fide alJ private ends an~ ~y-refped:s, . all.vaine~glori· Phari[aifmtJ videlicet. ous, ,Cml~tous, .and .ambttwus aymes; all fervmg the ad~ucperfoverant.Ga - times, proj~Cl:s for 'preferment, hope.of.rifing, feareof la~. I· ~o. Th~_t Paul the face of Man, &u•.. addreffe themfdves~ ;with faith· was tamc_ed wtththJs fulneffe and zeale to the workeoftheLord; _feeking fault, wlule Hce was fi l . · 1 'fi · · ·· · S 1 y~t a Phnrile~ and fer- _ mcere y to g ~n e H~m m convert~ng me~s . ou es, ved-the times : But (.t) PJ the fooli[hnej{e of thflt P,reachmg whtch Go D• when. Hec was con- hath.fanchfied, _tP fave them that he!eeve : In a word, . v~rtcd, 11l~e rur_ned : who labo~r to. imitate their Lord and Mafl:er Jef~t~ Hjd 15 D~whbmDg ~?to Chriff, and His_ -hlef{ed ApoftlCJ-, in teaching (~)/u men owne·ng t eamg. h ; ( ) h · · 'de .n. · ·1 '--S · · J\p 17 -}3 d;:;pJm~ avmg x aut ortty; 111 1r monprauon o tm .JnrJt, '?T"E'i.~ ~ if E>oov ; and power; ·~nd not M the Scribes, by embrorderea ~; , (n%> ~::rp~~~~ Scabberd, I meane the very fame, which King lam~s «~~oxflv; E-1 ,, Y? f-71 not. long before His death, did moO:_truly out of HIS ~~~:t,.~.Jl\~~r:~, . deepe, · ap~ ex_celleht wifedom~, .con~ive to. bee the ~" - B.ane oftlus Klngdome : · To wxt, A ltght, aJfeffedanJ (t ) I Cor.r.u. u.tJprofitab!e k}.nde, -which hath heene of. late ~ -u) Mar.7·"9· yeares tak!_n up in Court, Vpiverjity, City and CountrJ.· ( ·)IHC?r.1..4· r; "ft _ Heare (omethmg more. larJJely what reafon led·.. Hls , . tCit.utcm.;~g,m cat · • · · 1· >.:::> • • · r. f 11~t.hO'~>itatcm, & potc- f\oyal,lptdgement tot 11s refol~uon, , and de~tre o re- - , . flat"e spil'it114,corda pe- formatton .: · 11etratu;qur com"!un~. ( Y) His c.Mil}eflJ /Jeing'muchtroubl-edandgrieve/. ejt{~nfto,& vms Mz- at the heart .to hear.e evpry day .of. fo many difeClionl ?tl{! ~u,tametfinanttqua . · · · ' · 1i [llcnfim'i, nam unicui/bdiflribuitm· pro rnen{itra, t3uc. (~) K. lames. The reafons of the Kings clireClicHs for Preachmgand..freachc:rs, asl re~;ivc:q th~m from tbe hand ~f a pliblike Re· -~~~~.. . "' ·-· - ----- . . -· · - · .. . - · .