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.. .· THE EPISTLE fdves; and advance theif'owne ·ends, ·when they feeme mo{f ~ealous fortheir Su<tJerafgnes fervice. LA hitophel, ~ in the Sutine-=ihine of peace, and cahnenefie of the Kingdomes , did accommodate Himfdfe to the prefent , bot!I in Confultations of StJte, and Religious confonnity; But no fooner had this hollow hearted man efpyed adangerous Temp::fi; raifed by LA bfolons unmturall treacherie; but Hee turne~ Traytor to his naturall Lord: vvhen Hee ob[erved- the Winde to blow another way, He followed tl~e blafi:, and fet his fayles according to the weather: Wh~ch made David after c9'mplaine ;, But it was thou, o Mltn, ev.en my Companion; my Guide and Familiar : rVee tooke fweet cotmfe!l tog~ther , and walked unto the .Houfe of Goq·in company. Wherefore let Gi·eat Men) wi~hout grace, profeffe, and pretend wh'at they will ; and pwtefi the impoffibilitie of any fuch thing, 3S J!az~1el did in another Cafe; · yet ordinarily, :('I k'now not what forne one;: morall Puritah amongfi: a · Million ~night doe ) in filch tun1ultuous times, and of univerfa:ll confufion; for the recuring of their teniporall .happine!fe·; which ;without timely· turning <:m Gods fide, is all th_e · Heaven they" are lik~ to have in this V/ or~d, oi<the World t<? come:' I fa~~ , upon a ro·lt)t or great. advanrage, .and advancement -~itlifafety; ·"they~ .would flie from the decli- :nihg,State; and downe-fall of their old Mafl:er; ' !h0~_glv ·fOrmerly.. the t11ighti:dt l\10:l~i.rdi up .· 'L.r ; on