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/ DE 1) I CAT 0 RI E. on earth., as from the mines of afalli ng.houfe~ And it can be no otherwife; ·for they have no inter1;1alt .Principle, ot· fupernaturall po\yer, to illighten and enable them to fet their flwulder~ aaainft the Torrent ofthe times,and to be overfl~wne with it. But now, He that truly feares. God,wm1ld rather lofe His high pbce;Nay,his pofl:eririe ; As much hearts-bloud, ifHe had it~ as would animate awhole kingdome;then leav~ His law full Soveraigne Lord,infiKh a Cafe;np-:- on any terms, though He might have even the Imperiall "Crowne fet upon his own head. For confcience,that poore neglected Thing;Nay,in thefe laft, and loo(et' times, even laughed at by men of the world; yet a £lronger tye of fubjetts hearts unro their Soveraignes, than Man or Divell is able to diffoive ; ever holds up his loy~~l heart erett and unfhaken,when all shebnaes, Ha~ mans, anrl Ahitophels, would hide their heads, aud fhrink in the wetting. Which confcience of his, if upon fuch occafion He 1hould unhappily wound;he knows full well, it would follow him with guilty cryes, for his fo bafe temporit ing, . and trayterous f1inking, all the dayes ofhis life. Whereas graceleffe and felfe-feeking greatnes, canwell enough in themean time,conquer fuch . ) clamorous accufatio!ls ofanill confcience, with · the boyfterous exceffe ofcarnall contentments, . even as the Sacrificers oftheir Sons to Mo!och in the fire drowned their lamentable cries, ·with the louder found ofTabrers and Drums. Ambitious Niwreds, are ablt! by the inordinate heae · - :A 2 · aftet .... ,! ,., \'