Bolton - HP BJ1278 .C66 B6 1640

I' i I . .. .. .. . ' " THE .£ PISTL E in all Places, and now more than ever (the long D1y of Mankind drawing £111 towards an Evenirig ;, and the worlds troubles, and time neere at an end) to doeallthe mifchiefe Hee can pof- .fibly; vet you may l;>e affured, Hee referves hii mofl: defperate fervices, ambuihments, furprifes , praetifes, and Powder-plots; for Kings· Courts :· Becaufe he findes there, an extraordinary . Confluence of Greatneffe, Power, ·Wit, .Poiicy, noblefi: Parts, and other mighty En:.. gines; the edge and excellenqr whereof, if He: . fhail he any wayes able, by iin.provernent of the utrnofr skill, in his old Trade of tempting, to· turne .the Wrong way ; He gaynesfarre more, th:m if Hee ibould winne to His fide fome· n1illiuns of private Men. If He prevaile rhere, He knows hrmfelfe in a£tireway, to make foule worke.; and is ofi:en wont t11er.eupoi1) to impqyfon and plague even a v.rhole Kingdome. For · your fupport therefore,and furer fl:anding iti fuch , . . , a cafe; and th·atyou may trample upon, with an .~ . holy contempt ; and noble difdain,the falfe, ( ~) (s) Deletl_atio D&&idiz durdeffe,pel1i1ent fweetnes ofworldlypleafures, . e:- pr.ele~ilt,. vMtn. era: and vaniibii1a alil1er of all earthly glory· there · wit & traftrm, mz{cru • .1j b . • ' ficit&abiit, infeliccm 1~ no way m the World, but to 1mbrace the rtHdidit & rcl,quit. Lord Iefus, in the armes of your humbled AOJgufl. De Temp. 5 u1 ell fo ( t) · ·h r.- ~erm. 1 , ~id per- o e, ra enout r ever Wit every 1mne, . 'ltlllntt ita pDmine, nip . 'IJuod ttNifcZ•aut legcndo, aurorAnd~, awrbona op4raf4cie'lfdo prn llnim.e}alu teJ in thefaurrt ·IDIJ(denti.e fu.e rec~didtrit? Jnf~!i:J& cnim t.•Biupta<s, in{11!1ic iQr cupidit.u ilf'4 tuxuria, plY tranf#orlam dutce.ttinem pr~parant {em~itern Jtr! amaritudivtm. Idem. Ibid. Sn H· ( e) ]flatfl fitioti, ve a pcznitentia, qtta•1d11 {i& eommtitur quu)ut non revertatur;111an· (!1'.je pamitet~Jtt ~:o.?J rcpetat. Ibid. Sc:m1.. >• _ . and-