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e.Afjlif1ea Confcie1Jcer• . Cap. x. limit, like C b) hirnfelfe, infinite; fo immeafurfiole, that 'm,poptt!i,Mgnati,civet it reacheth from ( c) cverlafli.nrr to everlaffing ; fo ten- verunt~mcifuttlt con· der that it [Lup11fleth incbmprci1ettGbly the compaffio- tr: ntos/int,tantumt1fl.. ' 1 · f h 1' · · ~n (d) h d"' d cs u noccrequeant nate me twgs 0 . t e ovms~;u. mor er; an lpare ut caufa ctiam ?tobk, not the de~rell blm:d of h1s onelf (c) Sonne.. vVI:o nolmtveti~t,corona bath ever m a re-adtndfe for the recovery oC lus chtl- l"ltmfint, mnummrif.- dren out of the moll: tiefpcrate d-anger and to refcue que bon~rl!m proct~rtt·· t~em out of the_hands of the deadlieft e~emy ; bertdes f:;~;;;;;;;:,£1~e;;~~ h1s owne ommpotent arme~ the leafr finger wheteofjtramf.:.lMcm COJt.'l)tr· can beat the greatell ~ountatn~ to powder, and rend tente. , the hardell rocke in pieces ; innumerable hofrs of An- fb) Att:ihuta?ei (unt· gels one of which killed (f) an hundred foureftore P~ Dezcffentttt,Jcu d fi ' h .r: d • · h h f fi ,p,eVcrt.s. · <~~ 11n vet ouJan ;none m,_r,_ t; .c arets9 r~, even_a(c)P/aJ.103 •17• thoufand charets m the wh1rlwmde; that fatre glon- (d) rra. 49 ,1 ; . ous Gi~nt, which with incredible fwiftneife runnes() Rorn.S 3:z.. poll as it -were, thorow tl1e skie,_to ftand ftill or retire; (t) tKing·9·HQ the hnpe.tupus current of the ragtng fea to recoyle; the mercilefie &.lmes of the hungry fire, tobecome a foft and refrefhirig ayre ; the implacable fury of the moO: enraged Lions~ to couch at firll word for his fervants fake and fafety~ Nay, if need be, he bath Caterpillers and Frogges, Wormes and Lice, even the m oil: imp()oo tent and vilell vermine, to fetch oloud,and take downe the heart of the proudefr Tyrant upon earth, carry hee his head nev~r fo high ; to eate out the bowels of the bl,oudiell Nimrod, or mightieft Monarch, that weares .· ;\: . a crowne upon his head., i£ he oppofe his people. Hee (g) M · 1 • path t~e very (g)'h~tn~s, and .confciences of all that rife sSJm~:i.~J.' ' · up_~gamfr them, to bcmg thetr owne bloud upon the1r See Fues_flory &f · owne heads, and even Hell and extreameft horror Gods purufhmentup·• upon their hearts in this life•.What then fo dread full on Perfccutors,&e. a face of prefent confufions, or fore-imagined formes~~~ an~~numem.* offuture.troubles are able or o~~1:191av~fhly to dejeet, " 19 • c. , and ternfie, that holy heart, _wh1ch wtth a fweet ami fafe re~ofe is ha~pily, and everlafl:ingJ.y hid unde~ the(h) Ruth.s.a . (h) Wmgs of that m1ghty God? Who for thedelive- PfaJ~ gr.4. ranee ot his, can worke ; · 1. Wtthwcake: A 2r _( By ..