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JnjlruBi.ons for A r~ght comforting Sect 1. l! . With weake. t. By weake meanes, See Jud.7. xSa'?'.14. Gm.14. · 1 Sam. 17. btdg. 4.21. and 9· 53· _· · z. Without meanes, See 2. Chron, 20. Exod, 14. :z.. Without. Jofu,6. 1. King. 19. z Chron. 14 3· Againfi mcanes. 3 • Contrary to meanes, See Dan. 6 22. Jofo. 3· 16. Vau,j . 25, z6. Ion,2,6, Iofu,IO IZ, q, 14. .. Rcaf. :z.. The Creatures notpn:y I z. When the heav·enly beames of G o n s pleared countenance begin to breakeout upon a man, thorow the dark and Hellilh mifl of his manifold and hainous· ftnnes, the unquenchable heat of His everlafi:ing love. • thorow Chrifl diffolving them into norhing ; and· fai.rely ihine with acomfortable afPeCl: upon Hjs humbkd Soule; ipfo faao, as they lay, Heaven and Earth,. . and all the Hofl:s of both areevedaflingly reconciled .unto him, and become his friends ; the flormes and tempefl:s ·raifed by all the powers of Hell are prefently cannot hurtir, bur calmed for ever doing hirn-any deadly f...urt. All the ~Jfo h ~ creatures then, pull in their ornes,retyre their fiings, . bite in their poyfon, fnib'd, and awed-by thofe divine imP,reffions of their Creators bleffed image fiamped up~ them by the Spirit of grace;. and dare no more offer any violence or vexation to him (except upo1~ particular diipenfation for his ipi.rituaLl good and quickening) then to the Apple ofGods owne eye. Hearc_ the pr0mife from Gods o~ne mouth: eAnd i'n that day 1 rrill mak! a oovenant for them with the /Jeafh of the jie(d, and with the fowleJ" of Heaven, and with the creeping thin,_i[.s of the grQund: and I will hrea~ the how, Muft help it, although and the [word; and the hattell out of't/5e eartq_, andwill it bewntrary to thc;Ir ma~ them to !Je .downe fa.fef.y, Ho f. 'Z, I 8. Nay,. they parucular natures. are fo f.1rre from charg~ng their feverall fiings upon the· Saints., that they wll\ change their very .natures, to doe then1krvice. Thev afivuit1unent and horror to the whde Creation, thentlicy · be hurt. · How often have they fufpended attd put cff their nativ~ power, and properties,. for the proteCl:ion and good of Gods people ? Tpe \"ery-fea, that mofl·ra- . ging.