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Part.t .. Ca.p.2. e.Affiiaed Ci-nj'cimce.r. · 7 downe: all.the butwarke..~ vfthe Devill, ·to thake thewholbkingdome ofdarkne£lc, and all hellifh po\vers ; nay to of£"'!" an ·holy viplence to the very Throne of , (n) Goo Hi~felfe :. \v_itnefk,H1s moft: mercifull intrea- ( ") T!tHtarr1m_1cirirtf!1' tmg )l,{qfes To let h1m_ alone, Exod. 3_2. I~. ~s thongp.efl pmatJO,rtt m hom1• the mediation of a man, could binde a.<; lt were"· l niJ p(Jteffate crcatrmu fpeake it with lowlictt ' reverencetothathigkclt Ma- ad rm~m om_nes, & •..Jl }· h -.J f h" 0 · c • · 1 · quodmtrerv .!p/tan crt• joty,, t 1e: aiwS o · IS mm~otency ~ rrof!-1 domg _.11s at11rar~tm Domi~lihetli• people any hurt; :u:d ware able to. exnogn~ih that urr- gar. Sottlt de pre&llt. quenchable wrath 111 the concept10n, wbtch once on cap.19 No~ in hamin~s . foot would.. burnc unto . the. loweft. Hell, ~[et o~ fire ~.:t~tran t{i ~~a f:!eutz: th~ foundatwm of the c..Mountames : I meane that rttJvu, fei/ttzambl_l· . - . ·.f . . ·l Q ~ . luru , m ih?fones, m. · (o}mofi precwus, artd almofi,_1 not altoget h.. r omm- mtmdi ele,'!Jrktn,incu/i potent Gra~e of Pra.!pr. ~h1s gr~at Mafl:er of mlta· fjrdera, in Deum ip/~tm • . cle$ bath wrought from tnJ?e man.y. ami very. !bzd~ . . . . remarkable wonaers' both in,Heaven and Earth. ] t Fmendt lzuntldJ/J l made the Stinne, that mighty c;eattire~ the 'Prince of.~:;;~! Mo(t,quifecit all the Lights in-H~ven, to O:ay and frand·fl:ill:up.on-ro) Ho~o~r~itiendi [tr~ the fitddcm ,.in the lleat ofhis fwiftefl: courfe : I tlanded monem cJtm.Dto AhgeJonah fa rely upon the fhore, out of the:bdly of the forum foperat majejla~ Whale, and bowels of the Sea.; It drew refrelbincr tem. Deprecat. t. :z.. · ft ' f d • b . ~ •'--£ • · f b lof.J·O.I2 t~ • .ream~s out o · a ~le one11 •10r ~JC ~~wmg o Samfons'lon.,.1 ,&~. 10., hfe·: It turned the Heaven· m to bra !le for three yeares rud.zr. x8. and an halfe; and afterward turned the felfe-&me S·I7·18~ into fruitfull clcuds, ,and f6untaines of raine: It killed ::. King. r9.1m f•. an hundred fou~fcore and five thoufcmd of the ene"' mies of Gods.people in pne night,: For. the freeing of· Elifoa from a O:rait and dang~rou.~ fieg~, 1 t filled a i King~~; 17 • mountaine in amoment,. as it were, full ofHorfes ' Chariots of fire : It furned the fwords of a mighty · Clir . A_rmy in}:o the bowels of one. fl.!)other; when /;he--:. MO.f,~;&C.I.J.• foaphat. knew not which way to turne himfOtfe ; but · . was fu helplefi andhopeldle,, that heecryed unto the:,.\Ch u~ r, ,:z, ,ro; . lord, . Wee k.ncnv not what. to doe, only o11r eyeJ arr upon •V1on · .11 .. .,, ' - 1 I 1 n d f · n - h k J.:. h .. t lntc •g~nc,. Oo;, . tr.JU. t OOJe Peter outo ' prllon, l 00 ems c IUnenhe s~~ni!ldnvalion .offfrom hu handr, and made an Iron gateto.opcn ofa pubJikefafiwaspr~.' its owneaccord :. ~· It:enraged and inlarged.the Eng- cla~rr.ed and obfervcd;), · ' A 4' lilb A1iil0 I 5S8•. ~ r ' '