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Part. t. Cap. f· t!Afftiaed (onfcientes. graces, and integrities treafur"d up, and exercifed in the dayes of His peace. He reckons up foureteene of them, Chap. 31. From co~GdC!a~ion liereof, H~e gathers, towards the end, th1s tnumphant refoluuon againfr the forcll: of his fufferings : I would even crowne mine head with the bittcreft invcCfive of my great eft ad. verfttry: whence it is deare, that ths two .p0te!lt pil.... !ars of Join frrong and firange patience, wh1ch all ~enerations will admire to the wodds end, were a found faith, and the £md:ified fruits thereof, prepared and practifed in the time of his profperitr. cHAP.. v. eA thn-d confideration prejflng the former exhortation defended ~tgainft Machiavels Pofitifm. · . " 3• Hinily, by fore-provHion of3·Mak:usgr•ccow_ Gons favour, grace, good con, profcffion. ~ · fcience, and 'fuch fpiritua:ll p:ore~ _ . wee iliall bee able worthily to . · grace , and honour our pro- . - . feffion ; truely to ennoble, and :winne a great deale of glory and reputation ·to the State of Chrifiianirle : when the ambitioils Ruffiers.ll ·and boifrrous N imrods of theWorld !hall fee and ob... :{erve, that there is a gratious invifiblevigour, and ft:rcngth of Heaven,which mightily fupports the heart of the true Chrifiian in thofe times of confufion and feare, when theirs iliall be like the heart of a woman .in her ~angs,and fall afunder in their breafts,evcn like ·drops of water. Tbat He is as bold M a Lion, and un.. ·moveable like Moufit .Zion in the Day of diftrdfe ll and vifitations of G___o n ; when they fhall tremble at the fhaking of a kafC, and call wpon thc.mou.ntaines - · · tc ' " I