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lnjirHtlions for 4 right comforting Se<.'t. ~~ .,.__ ______ -:--- --- ---.,..-- . heavenly !parkles of c.omfort~ and f~h glorious ejaculations as thefe : Though bee JlaJ mt:• yet 'Will I trNft in Him, Chap. I 3. 15. And that Chap. I 9· ~ 3. &c. Oh_ th4__t my wordt wet·e now writtlJ# , Oh that thry were prif4ea in a hook£.! That they '{!'ere graven with an iron 1etme, and lead, in the rock§ for ever. For I ktzm thllt #J) 1\fdeemq· liveth, &c. There were two cutting, and crriell circumftanC!=S largely in!inuated, chap. z9. awd 30." which did keene~y iliarpcn the edge, and -mightily ~ggravate .the.weight of /ohs miferies :'The Fj''9·'l9·',&:. . one was this: Heh11d heene * h"PPJ· Now asthat mans happinefle is holden the greateft, who hath beene in mi!erable condition; for He tafi:eth the double fweet ; of remembring his forepa£Ied mifery : and enjoying his prerent felicity : ~o or! the contrary ; It u thegrea· 11tfietm/uifl, mi[trrPeft mjfory,. they· 1;1-y, 'tO ha:v,e heent haJPj. The other ' miHII~ was that;-. which mofr net.t~s a generous·nature. He being a Man of fo great' h~nour and worth ; whote rare, and- incomparable wifedome, even the Princts . .and N ohles adored as it were with a fecret, and filent. admiration,, as aRpeares Chap. z9~ 9, to'. was 'now contemne.d..-of the;moft contemptible~ Thtchil/re!Z of foolu:, · ami the ehildren of baf: ."m;n ; · ;hat wer~ 'fiihr than the earth, make hun tneir fon(, ·and thetr 'BJ- '¥!'ord, .Chap. 3 o. 8; 9. · For '\l{hen true nob1enelfe, ~nd worth, is, downe, .ansl .any o9-eof the· Lor<fs Champi~ · ·~ns dejected, it is ·Ot:d.inary ,widi ·:ill' thore dungliiU ·difpofitions, 'to whomHis fincerity was an . Eye-fore ; His power and authority, a reftraint t'O'their Iewdnetfe ; the glory ofHis vertues, fewellto their envie ;. to r~ne as a Raven to the fallen Sheepc:,. to piCke.out ·His eyes ; ·I mea ne,_ w~ich. y ·-tafics of atruely eo:.. .wardly, and mercileffe con{Ht, ~on~-- to'wound his ~cry wou_nds, and to v~S . ~'Svex:atio~s. This w_as Io.h care• ., . . " .\'~>~· ~ . . p , _ . ·But. W.Q~t now mmitl:ers: comfort to Johs heart, a.. cainfr ·t~ ~o~rg~Y5# ~ Eyen.corifcioufaelfe of His · .. · #lk' • ·-- · ~ · ·· gra~,