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InftruCiiont for a right co",fort~ SeCl. 1. \Vhereby He teaches in fenfe and fumme : That heathe- . t~ifh Religion J;J inJPire Her WDrthUs tif Old, mth invit~edtle, and viltoriom JPirits: but Chriflian Religion /Jegets effem•ifatmeJJe, dejecfionr and fe~tn. Hce fpeakes to this purpofe, which to mce teemes firange : That fuch a profound Profelfour of the depths, or rather diveliibneffe of policy ibould ·dotq fo fottiibly. And yet it is no fuch firange thing : for many times wee may obferve ; that deepeff Po.licy, hy the curfo of God upon it for oppofttion to goodujfe, turttes into extreamefofolly. And all Counftlt, and·Politic(! conftitutioni againft Chrifi, 11re but the braJne!effi ;.nJatuatiom of eAchitophel. For tha.twhich this Fellow holds there» holds ftrong contradiel:ion, b':>th to common fenfe,and a thoufand experiences to, the.contrary. for the firft, and in aword, Let that great Mafler of Mifi·hiefo, an/ i .. R.ea(on. DJ moft abhorred tAthei.ftica!l *·Principles 4' State ; • Such as that bee tell .me ; whether a reall afi'urance of a Crownc oflife~~ uughtunroC.efar Bo; and endlelfe joyes in another World, bee not more ti'f : '(o impl~!"en 111 powerfull to raife a mans fpirit, to the higheft pitch of mi[cbievow attionr,& d d N bl re f ft · ' d bl afterJ~Pards to deflroy un au~te o eneu~ o pmt, a~ . unconquera e them wbeJJ theyhaverefoluuon, than a vatne breath of tmmortall famea1 pcrfo:medtbtmi{chiefe.mongO:. miferablemen after this life ? And in this lies T• deprcff'e{e'Whom the finew ofhis pr.ootc. For·the fecond; Lefthe Ad's thou haft ~net~ed; and of the Aneient Iewes bee indifferently wayed from to defirDJ tbo(e r.h1m h r. ' • • • .• r... f ' tb1uh~;tfl deprefJ,&c. w 01e magnammtty, m caux;s o mofie~t~eame ha- ~ ·:. E:<pe1icnc' o .~ oid :~ard, thofe firange and unwonted refoluttons -have ~md · growne, which for all circumflances, faith a great of later times; Divine, no people under the roore of Heaven did ever hitherto match. And that which did alwayes animate them, _was their mecre Religion. And let the Chronicles alfo,fay I, of later times bcefearched, and we lhall finde trom time to time, many renowned W•r-, thin to have for ev:er ennobled the matchle~and incomp~rable courage of Chrifiianity with inimitable ·impreffions of valour, and vifible trarrl<:endency above all hlllllanc boldne~, and affd~ed audacities of the