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:Part. I. Cap. 5. v1ffliCled C onftimcu. 29 -rli~~onvru-~i-an_t_P_a_g_a_n_s.--T--o- - be~-g-t- . n-w--it~h-- -gr-e-~-t-9-on----------~-- Jf.Jtntine, the ~-m might~ Co~nmander ofa Chrifl:i~ ·an Apny: wtth what Vlctorwusglory dtd Heecon- . f~und, and ~utoffmanypotent (a) HeadsofPa~a-(") extinflil q~titttfllt ·mflne? Thnce was the whole world nw{tfamot.!ly Tyrannu Ok>cleCiano,. -fought for: betweene tY:ilexan~tr and Zerxe1, C~- ~aximi~n~, Maxe~­ (~tr and Pompey, Cr;nftavtine and Licimm. This tt_o! Maxtmtho, &L~~ lafl: w~s mofl ( ~) il_lufl:rious, wherein ~onjf.rn ine ;:~~0(o~ft;~~::_'6h1a .the Great dtd mtg!mly conquer_, and trmmpha~1~- Chron. Cari.on.!ib. J• ly carry.all before hm1 ; the her01call and roya,ll fpmt (h) Dimiummt mim in ·of Chrifl:ianity, trampling vicroriouOy uppn the d~ ut~am,Partemfie' er in~ . :.perate rage of the moll: furious,fuole-hardy Pagan Ty- cltnr:tzo~an demcepJ t~:. ... · h h rr: ·r. do,r; dh'· · tru orbu parerct Cbn- -rants. Imtg t erepaneontoTI'Jeo 'J~I-U, an_ 1Sm1-fii.:<11isprinc ipib~U,tleleraculous conquell:s, and fo along, but the d1greffion t~Jri.! eihnicas retigiQ. would bee too unreafonable. Therefore I leave you for nes :_ ~~~ vero ~ar-eree :the protecution of this point, to ~nti-Machiavel. e;hnrm .d~le!u!uchri. 'Ev~n i? la~erti~es., wofully ·plagu~dunder th~ re!~ ne ~:":0~~:::::;:::~~;!~'; .-of ~nuc?nfl:, w1th a vafi:_ degenc:r~uon from pmmuve u~" in i"'{{triistmq11a• .punty and power,Chnfi:tan Rehgton; thottgh empoy-{Hit lbid. ·fo,ned wit.h Popifh fuperfi:it~on,.yet didf~ fiute it~~ ire Lib. :. Theor.j. 1t s Warhke-Profeffours With ·extraorduiary fp1nts,., That Expedition l · ·that in point of mailhood they did wonders, . to the confclfr, was a dcv:re aflonilhment of the whole world, and all fucceeding and inventionof the Ages. * Goa'frey of Bullu~gne, that &mous Warriour P~pe" whereby He~ · h h' c 11 • d · l tr. · h c mtghc cometo bee in· ·wu 1s 10 owers~ conqL1~re 111 eu~ t ·an r0ure reotfed in the Kino-. yeares, all the goodlten Prov1llces of Aha, and drave domes of Chrilli: 11 out the Turkes. In that dread full and cruell coHHict Princes. So that oo in Solomons Temple · as himfelfe reports in a letter to His par~ the proiett _Bohemund, Kingof Antioch, theirmen, by thenreat ~amsepefiihlc:hnt-A51K 1 ing ( . '"' Ja s .tl exce ent- . c) jlaughter of the enemJ floori Jn bloud abov~ the an- ly ob!erved,in his Rt· · monflr'iice agamft Per- . ron. ~ag t66 .-For nee re the !pace of 2.eo. yecrt-s, She meanin?, Rome. made the rorce and· . -fiourc of the Werld to· fall by millions, in the foolith Conquefi of lerufalem. Forbes upon the Revelation. Chap. t8. The zc:alc_of the Holy Land, was the Popesordinaryco- ,lourto conjure the fiormes rayfcd by theEmperours, andinfendingthemfan:eotf_. to have better meanes to compaffe their delignesat home, without controule, lohn de Serres in the lifeof LewiJ t}leninth. (<) TheHiftOI'fO{ tbeTJW~es,pag . '~4• TtZntum ibibumani fa'nf,uintl fufum,!ft Cif[orum corp11ra rmda{anguini~ impe!lentl1natarint, ac jlr1itarint. Chr.on.. Bucolc. N1• 68o. · r