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· 3o InftruClionJ" for a right comforti~g . Sect I. ··-- · ···-- cles. At that terrible and bloody batteU at Aftalon, as moft report, they Oew an hundred thoufand Infidels, ·&c. The valour and vict:vries of Hunniades , whofe mighty fpirit, and 1ncredible courage, for any thing l know have no paralldl in any precedent ftory , were fo gre~t, and did like a violent tempeft, and impetuous · torrent fo batter and beate downe the enemies of ( <) AJiptUattu (fl fu~: Chri.ft, that Hec wa& rightly reputed the(c) Bulwark!, msnetJ-J ~errorT"rcar-u . ofEurope,and thundring terrour of th( Turk,tt; among.{t Frm en~mmnt modo,_ut whom Hu nam( 6ecr,:me fo drMa+u/l that as the Story de .A.chsOc Ho ?tertt-Hn · · :J' ' • • ' q..rit, Achivorum, fed ( ~) tepo~ts, they ufed the fsme to fta~e thetr .crymg totira ,reliqu.e &urop.e chtfdren mtha/l~ Hee fought ( c:) ~ve times With the muril, crtjtt4 uifitl4 vir- Turkes upon Ol'\C day, and five times foyled and put 1114 t'Pfeler.~tas tyrarm_o- thirn to flight: (f) with the l~ffe of three thoufc1nd , unpctl/4 repr.Jf:c, H k 11. d h . li v· fAfi .,1.,r. B ,tr: . ~;e/ut objcC!amotcsex- ~ 1 e_ t at va ant tceroy o ta, m e;ttes a11 a, "Hntlam {lt~men : (ar.t5 . With HIS !Onne, and twenty th<'>ufand Turkes moe : (d) Htft.ofthc T.urkes (g ) at that fatfi6us battell of Vaftape, wherein he got pag 7. 66·d. . . the greatef.t victory thi~ ever any Chriilian Prince be- ( ' ) Vrro . ;( qU! nqureJ fore that time obtained againft the Turkifh Kino-s cum Tu rcu apertoMar- . c. . :::> ' ' tccangreJ?: f-1, q•tinque Wl~h firteene thoufat~d Sol~ldters, He~ overthrew A - .ili CIOt"tu ParJ t5 , &.c. lxdm 75a(Ja ,A fent a;;a11~ btm mo~ ragmgly, by rea~ot~ ·<:;ar /; ~ · .. . . . . · of a ·late thamefulllofle, accordmg t_o v1mtJ-raths w- . () 7 urcsru vJgmtz m1l- firucricns11 by the Jlau~hter of the Hurtgar.i,,.t•:s, to facri· luc.e(a,exungart5tnaji h hJJ. ,/ h · d dfi · d d · cii·citer millia de fide a- t~e unto. t · e G 0;•1 oJ t ur es rten ,' an ~comp~nt· taflm£· Eo:1fin Leor.• o1u, with an Army of fourefCore thoufcmd fighttng clau. . men. Scanderbeg aH0, was fl1ch a Mirrour of Man- .(8) Ht!l. of chc Turks, hood, and .fo terrible to the Turkes, .that .nine yea res r~g. 17°· &tftq. afcer His deatb, pa!.ling ~horow Ly.JTa where His body lay buryed, they digged lip His 6onN v.:ithgreat devoti · , .( h) Tam c!.1;-i Herois en; reck.Jni1g it in Joml part of their. happinejfe, if they . ..wu ,at i'10b1/eb~/liv ,mif[,h't but fee er touch the fame: and fuch · M couldget OJ"aq. mm·molfi(J. lii'l.1• ' h f · ' fl .l ' ·· r; d h r: ;.{~h ' c. o dent" ; p an1 part t creo, were ttnever o ttt~e, cau,e t e;ame •'w'" 11 1a cor 11-J .I · • " . abjw/er:mt, fibi q1, [!i to be jet, .fome in jilver,fome sn ( Old, t() hang about thetr i z p.1rtc! [cCtaminut,, ·~ nd~p or v.·eare Hpon their /J"Odies; thinking the very 1 a 1q11amij· be'li~-~ tiJ de td bones of that late invincible Champion would f; M1~r.t u,\au:la;11 111.~{ .animatt.: their ~)i its with firange, :md extraordinary ; C. :w• . ov. ' .. L. l . d . (I ) B ''d J • t 1 viro: . E I :1::, . 3 • c cv2.t1on, an ngour : 1 e11 es an autmraL) e va- .-, riety