Bolton - HP BJ1278 .C66 B6 1640

I . Part. I. Cap. 7· ·_ eAffiiEied (onfciences. in his Soule, ·all the mpfl: Odent Impodall CrC?Wn~s that ever highefi ambition aymed at, or attain~d !Jnto ; put upon him ,the royalldl: roabes, that ever enclofed the body of th~ proudell: Lfl.cifer ; fill him w~th all the Wifedome3 ;and largefl: comprehenfions,which fall within the widecornpaffe, and capadty; of any depths of Policy, or myil:eries of State; furnifh him to the full with the exactndfe, and excellencie of all naturall , morall , and metaphyficall Jeatning; put Him into the f0le poife131on and command ofthis (!nd the other golden World_. I.n a word, Crewne Hirpwith the ·concurrence of all created earthly excellencies, .to the utmofl and higheil: flraine : and lay this Man thus qualified .and endowed upon the one fcale of the ballance' ' and vanity ~pon trQe o~her '·' -~nd vanity will overweigh Him quite. Men of high degree are a lye : to hee layed in the ha/lance, they are altogether lighter tbarz vtjmt}, _Pfa,lme 6z. 9. The rich Foole in the GofpeH teacheth us, that there is no man fo affttred of his honour, of his riches, health or life; but that bee may bee deprived of either <;>.r all the very next night. Befides,by a thoufand other caufes,means, and wayes, He may alwayes be {natched away from the face of the earth inat1ger1 for fetting his heart and refl upon fuch rotteo· flave~ of reede, tranGtory fhadowes, and indeed that which is nothing~ , Wilt thoH caft thine eyes_ upon it whi~h is f.tothing ? for riches , (conceive the fame of all other world!y comforts) tak-th _her to her wings A$ an Eagle, arJd jlyeth into the Heaven, Proverlu l3· 5· How truely then is that .mad and miferable ·Man a ,rqt)ne of con]ujion, ~ho l_Pends the, fhort fpanne of his -qlOJ:t<\lllife in wooing -the World, who was never true to thofe that trufl:ed -in her, ever falfe-bearted to all her favorites, and at k?gth mofl: ~ertainely undoes fp1ritually and _everla· ·fhngly.every ~retch tha_t'is w~dded ant? Het;-; , . V\.;'~10 pa!feth thorow .a ·few ·.and ev 11l dayes m th1s vale of tl!ares 43 •,