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Jnftrn!lions for ~e.right comforting Se~. I, . tho{e never-ending pkafures , at the firfl: entrance more delic;ious aid ravi!hing:. by rea{on of the fudden ~ chat?ge, from that bitterneffe of fpiri~ in the lail: cornbate, to the excellency, and etermty of heavenly bli!fe. His Soule in this cafe, after a fhort eclipfe of fpiritual~ dar~neife upon His Be~-~fd.eatl~, enters more hghtf')mdy mto the full .Sunne of tmmortall glory. But wnatdoe you thinke !hall bee the e,nd of the other Man? Hee is in the m~ane time, ,it m~y bee, ingreat pow~r: 7 and JPreading Himfe!fe life! :a._gre! R-aJ-tree, revelling in the ruff.! and top of all <Woddiy jollity and :wealth -, wallowing diffulutely in choifdl: delights ";tnd v·aineff pleafures : yet waite but awhile, and you Jhall fee him quickely cut downe lik§ gr~e.Jfe, and wi7 ther- at ~~e green~: herl;e. J:or God !ball fydqenly fhoot at ~im1 with a t~.Yift arrow, ·It ts already ip the.b9w, everi(a bow of fl:eele ~all fend forth an 'atr.ow, that fhall fl:rike Him thorow, and foa/1 foine on hi! gall. His power, and his pride fhall bee overthrow-ne in the turne of an Hand. All his imperio1,1s boyfl:eroufi1efle fhall melt away as a vaine roame. -rhe rye ~h~ch fow Iiim, jba!l foe him no more ; neither fh~tl/ hu place any "more behold him. . Hee mufl: downe into the grave na- . ked and fhipt ofall power and pompe: all beanty and fl:rength : a weaker and poorer worme, then~ wh~1 he firfi carne out of the wombe. Heare further for_ th~s purpofe and ful'ler expreffion of my meaning poitit, how a worthy friend ofmine, infiancing iathe exemplary and dreadfilll downe-fal<> of Raman, Shehnah , and others , labours to fright graceleffe grea~ qnes, out of their luxury_and pride : fecurity and finfull pkafL1tes : by confideration of their Ends. Oh· then; ~1ith hee, yer: rich and great, yee proud, and cruel!, vtmbitiom ttnd honourable, tak§ from their wOfull e>.:.-. amptu, the true e.ftimate of your riches, . and yourpower, y our ple"fure and your honour, wherein yee trujf, ancf whcrelifpe hoaj,. but at Jfrael in · ~g]pt, if 11. brol;tn: · · · rc~d.