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JnftrueH.ons for If right cDmfo~ting , · ,. Secl:. f • ing, and the "ever-living worme more fringing ;. by how much thou waft mor~fen~leffe, and reareldk of that fiery lake into which thou waft ready to fall, Death j: felfe,, faith the fame man, cannot awakt fome f>'onfciences : hut no fooner. came thry into Hell, 6ut con- .foience u awak$ned to the fuU, never to jleepe more, and thm fhee tem·eth with implaca/;!e fury, and tea.theth forlorne wretchu to k.tJo'W, that forbearance WIU . o pay- ment. But if it plcate God to take the other courfe with thee, and to let loofe the cord o£ thy ConfCience· . apon thy dying Bed;. thou wilt bee frrangled even. with helliih horrour upon. earth,. and damned)bove: ground. That Worme of Hell, which is a·continuall remade, and furious reflexion oft~ Soule upon its. owne wilfitll fOlly : .w?ereby it ~1ath lofi: everlafl:ing joyes, and.mufi: now he m c:ndlelk, eafrle!fe·and rerriedilefle torments, is fet onworke,. whilefi: thou art yet alive, and with defperate rage, and unfpeakeable an... guifh will feede upon thy foale and Beih. Theleaft twitch whereof, not all th~ plearures of' ten thoufan.4: Worlds,would ever be able to eoun~ervaile :. for as the peace of a good,, fo. the·pangs of aguilty confhenceare unfpeakeable~ So· that at that time, thou mayefl: jufl:ly take unto. thy felfe Pafour's terrible name; Magor-MJJ{)tbib, Feare -rouncla6~ut. : · Thol;l wilt be CJ. terroHr to ·thy fe/fe, andto t:tllthJ;friends.~ , Aud.rhatwhicb; in thiswofUll cafewiltiling extreamely; Np.friehds,. nor phyficke·; no gold, rior !ilver; no height of place,. nor favour of Prince; not the glory and P.leafures or the whole World ; not the crownes-and command of all earthly kingdomes, &c. can poffibly give any comfbrt, deliverance or eafc ! For whe11 that time-and ter-· wur hath overtaken thee, which is threatned, Prov. , Jl, 24. Et t:q. Becaufe I h~tvecal{ed, ,and yeerefufed, I have Jlretched out my hand, tmd no man re'[arded :. But yee h~tve fot at naught till~)' counfl/1, and would none ojj 11J] ' r.epr~ofe :, ~ alfo wilt l.augh at }ot.Jt calamit;, and wilL: · · , moc~:.